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wheatfield nursery fall flowersWith the fall season upon us, we will begin to enjoy cooler temperatures, an array of foliage colors with the anticipated beauty of fall. It is important to remember cooler temperatures and the changing season does not mean it is the end of the planting season. Seasonal gardening is a great way to add accents and interest to your landscaping.

Fall is a great time to add interest to your garden. The cooler temperatures, warmer soil conditions and increased moisture levels make it an optimum time for planting. With these conditions, plants are easily able to adapt into their new environment with less chance of transplant shock. Keep in mind to allow approximately 6 weeks for new plantings to establish their root system. By doing so, this will reduce your chances of the plant freezing out over the winter.

The thought of fall brings to mind the colorful leaves. This is one consideration that gardeners are well aware of, making it a factor when selecting plant material. The arrays of reds, yellows and oranges available are endless. The fall foliage on the fothergilla is stunning with its array of reds, yellows and orange make it a breath taking addition to your garden. Some other shrubs with spectacular fall color are Burning Bush, Viburnum and Itea to name a few. Many trees offer stunning foliage as well, such as Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Katsura and Parrotia. With endless options, ultimately it is a personal preference.

In additional to fall foliage, there are other great qualities to look for in an effort to find the perfect plant to add fall interest in your garden. There are many trees and shrubs that have great fruiting qualities with particularly beautiful fall interest. Beauty Berry is one of those gems with its striking fruit. Some others that come to mind are Viburnum, Winterberry Holly, Crabapple and Winter King Hawthorne and many more.

Keep in mind that fall flowering plants such as mums, fall pansies, some late season flowering sedum, anemone, asters and ornamental grasses to name a few are a great way to add a splash of late season flower color. These plants can not only be added in your garden but are great selections to add to container gardens.

As we continue through the fall season, enjoy the beauty that plants have to offer in the landscape. Now is the time to add some great interest in your garden whether it would be with foliage color, fruiting plants and/or fall flowers. 

Wheatfield Nursery is proud to offer one of the largest selections of nursery stock in Central
Pennsylvania to both professionals and homeowners. Plant material ranges from shrubs and perennials to B&B and containerized trees. We also stock a variety of hard goods ranging from topsoil and mulch to glazed garden pottery for your patio. We offer landscape design consultation services and have a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturalist on staff. Visit Wheatfield Nursery to speak with one of our highly qualified staff and all your gardening supplies!

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Wheatfield Nursery is proud to offer one of the largest selections of nursery stock in Central Pennsylvania.