What It Takes To Succeed On The Web

mike johnston article imageFifty two percent of businesses in the United States still don’t have any meaningful presence on the web. That is amazing considering the way that the Internet has evolved and the importance it now has to businesses for visibility.

Back in the day pretty much everyone who had a business had a listing in the Yellow Pages. Even if you were just a neighborhood business it was necessary to have a phone number listed if for nothing else just to be sure your customers could find you. Besides that, your competitors all had listings and if someone went to the phone book to find a product or service you wanted to be sure that your business was represented there.

These days, although phone books and the Yellow Pages section still exist they have much less connection in the marketplace. The reason is that so many people have totally abandoned traditional “hard line” telephones in favor of cell phones and especially smartphones.

With smartphones people do not need to carry a phone book with them. The phone book and everything else they might need to find a product or service they want can be accessed through their mobile device. Half of all searches for products and services done today are done through smartphones and seventy eight percent of the searches done for a product or service on a smartphone end up in a sale.

The web is like the phone book, TV, radio and newspapers all rolled into one. To connect with your customers there you need to have a well developed web presence and a content strategy. Just throwing up a drag and drop site on GoDaddy is not enough for most businesses. To succeed on the web today you need a top quality web presence and a strategy for ongoing management of same.

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To succeed on the web today you need a top quality web presence and a strategy for ongoing management of same.