Spring Hair Make-Over Contest Winners

Last issue we asked The Women’s Journal readers to send me an email for a chance to win a FREE spring hair make-over! Well, the entries are in and fate has guided the draw. We had a great response so one model didn’t seem like enough. Our lucky ladies are Denise with short, flat, uneventful hair in her “before,” and Colette with a long, heavy, “I’ve been growing this forever” look.

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These ladies were really fun to work with and both told me to do what I would like. However, as a designer, I learned a long time ago that I don’t have to live with what I do. So we sat down and discussed what would be the best within the frame of their daily lives.

Denise is a wife, mother, professional dress maker and owner of “Restitch Studio” here in State College. This is one talented and busy lady. The last thing she needs in the morning is another project. Also, little children (and sometimes Dads) don’t often like Mommy coming home looking markedly different.

So for Denise, a simple three-dimensional precision cut introduced the actual shape of her head into the style line she already had. It’s a simple formula: if the cut is sculpted to the shape of the skull, it has to fit the face. Next I established volume and freedom of movement with point and texture techniques. Then for added dimension, I applied color two levels darker then her natural shade to the temporal area, dovetailing a nice blend towards the nape of her neck. Foiled highlights two levels lighter added lift throughout the top and bang areas. The process is simple, but the difference is pronounced.

Colette is a wife and the mother of identical twin girls (who look remarkably not identical!) She sells jewelry and prepares lunches for a school full of children—and usually does all of this in a single day’s work! Again, a lady who doesn’t need more to do in the morning. My considerations for Dad and the girls were the same as for Denise’s family; we want Mom to look like Mom.

A 3-D precision cut for Colette with point and texture techniques (to add body and break up her natural wave pattern) did the trick and her hair did the rest of the work itself. Colette already has a warm medium to dark brown tint on her hair. So we didn’t tamper with an already nice finish. Again, the process is simple, the difference extraordinary.

Whatever the time of year, a seasonal makeover does not have to change your life in order to lift your spirits. An understanding of your life style combined with well executed design work can give you a little something to look forward to during Pennsylvania’s cycle of seasons.

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Article Name
Spring Hair Make-Over Contest Winners
Our lucky ladies that won the Spring Hair Make-over contest are; Denise with short, flat, uneventful hair in her “before,” and Colette with a long, heavy, “I’ve been growing this forever” look.