Simple Resolutions

Simple ResolutionsIt’s 2015 and once again many are asking how  you going to make this year the best yet. Sticking to a New Year’s resolution takes work, just make sure to choose something worth working for!

Here are some ideas for simple resolutions to help get you started:

    • Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators to get daily exercise.
    • Walk or ride your bike more often instead of driving.
    • Schedule “me” time. Disconnect from any electronic devices…and not just while you are sleeping.
    • Don’t use your cell phone during work meetings, social events or dinner.
    • Don’t text and drive (as a matter of fact, don’t use your phone at all while driving).
    • Cook at home more often.
    • Write one handwritten letter a month to someone special.
    • Do something out of your comfort zone.
    • Sign up for a dance or art class.
    • Start running and if you already run, run a little further each time you run.
    • Read one new book each month.
    • Use your credit cards for emergencies only. Only spend with whatever cash you bring with you.
    • Refrain from gossiping and listening to gossip.
    • Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to prepare and eat a good breakfast.
    • Make healthy swaps when you can.
    • Choose organic when possible.
    • Get more vitamin D by taking some time to spend outside. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
    • Stop late-night snacking: your body will take the calories and store them as fat.
    • Floss your teeth more often.
    • Do more of what you enjoy doing.
    • Spend a few hours a week enjoying time with your family.
    • Start recycling by having a designated bin available and educate yourself about what items are recyclable.
    • Grow a simple garden: start with herbs that are easy to grow and maintain.
    • Spend time once a quarter to de-clutter your home. Get rid of anything you don’t use or haven’t worn in a year.
    • Learn something new every day.
    • Start saving for a family vacation today.
    • Designate a family dinner night that everyone must attend.
    • Pick up a new hobby.
    • Make a spa day once every few months – whether it’s pampering at home or booking at a salon.
    • Help others by volunteering.
    • Get organized.
    • Do a safe walk of your house – replace smoke alarm batteries, check locks on windows and doors.
    • For everything negative you say, say two things that are positive.
    • Eat more high quality dark chocolate – it’s loaded with antioxidants.
    • Invite more friends and families over for a monthly gathering.
    • Drink water or green tea instead of coffee to reduce caffeine intake and keep you hydrated.
    • Get on a solid sleep schedule.
    • Bring your lunch from home more often.
    • Identify the things that make you stressed during the day and take action. Create a list of things that are in your control and take small steps to change them.
    • Loosely track your goals. Don’t be too specific on deadlines or set yourself up for failure.
    • Keep a journal to jot down anything that comes to mind, like recipes, memories and ideas.
    • Give someone a compliment once a day, but really mean it.
    • Give yourself more credit. More than likely, there is no one who will master everything on their list. The fact is, you’re trying and nothing is better than that.



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Simple Resolutions
Here are some ideas for simple resolutions to help get you started.