Rocky Horror Show Opens At Courtyard Theater

Courtyard Theater Rocky Horror imageThe doctor is in this week and next at the Courtyard Theater in the Susquehanna Valley Mall in Selinsgrove. The Dr. is Frank N. Furter and he’s no ordinary physician. He’s a mad scientist from the planet Transsexual Transylvania and his mission is to create a “friend” for himself named Rocky Horror.

This is the basis for the plot of the longest running cult classic in the history of theater and movies. The “Rocky Horror Show” began in the 1970s as the creation of rock performer Richard O’Brien. The play is based on the “B” movies of the 1930s and the “muscle man” flicks of Steve Reeves. The play, and then the film, became a college cult phenomenon with audiences dressing like the characters, singing all of the songs, and using props which they had brought from home to participate in either presentation.

The movie has been shown for many years at the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg close to Halloween and has become a tradition. The original play is rarely performed locally but in 2013, Bob Taylor directed the play at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport. It was there that he met Art Lieberman and the two decided to join forces and, last October, opened the Courtyard Theater.

Since then, the theater has presented over a dozen events including musicals, straight plays, concerts, a burlesque show, a children’s summer camp, and hosted area events such as a business after hours for the Central Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce. At least five more events will be held in the theater before the end of 2014 – an impressive array for the first year of any theater.

“It was fitting and proper that, since ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ was how Bob and I met, that we present it to a much vaster audience in our mall theater”, said Lieberman. “All indications are that the production will be a success.”

Tickets for the play are $15 and the theater will supply a bag of audience props for $5.00 to any person who wishes to participate in that manner. No props will be allowed from outside, nor will open flames be permitted. Audiences at “The Rocky Horror Show” can get very raucous and, to those attending any of the six productions slated for this weekend and next, be prepared for adult language from audience members. Management has stated that the play is for mature audiences only.

The theater has also announced that several new sponsors have come aboard in the last few weeks. These include 2 hugely reputable local hotels, The Hampton Inn and The Holiday Inn and Suites and Subway Restaurant and Villa Teresa, both eateries located inside the mall. Their advertisements will cause the Souvenir Program for Rocky to be expanded to 16 pages.

The theater is also announcing a Christmas treat for audiences which will be held December 13th at 7:00 PM. Appearing on that date will be two extremely famous gospel groups to help celebrate the season, True Heart & The Needhams True Heart is a local group which has been nominated this year for a CMA award and the Needhams, with a national reputation for gospel music, are coming to Selinsgrove from their home base in Nashville, TN. There is more information about this event of the theater’s website.

Also on the website is ticket availability for every event including The Rocky Horror Show and the remaining events for 2014, Rocky will open this Friday, October 3rd and run for 5 more weekend performances with Friday and Saturday night shows at 7:00 PM and Sunday matinees at 2:00. The web address is and the box office phone number is 570-374-0060. Box office hours are from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM weekdays.

Tickets can also be purchased 2 hours before each show at the theater, but since all seats are reserved, aisle seats and seats closer to the stage are rare when purchased in this fashion.

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Rocky Horror Show Opens At Courtyard Theater
"It was fitting and proper that, since 'The Rocky Horror Show' was how Bob and I met, that we present it to a much vaster audience in our mall theater", said Lieberman.