Pre Holiday Procedures and Gifting Plastic Surgery

As the holidays are fast approaching, everyone wants to look their best in preparation for events and
gatherings with family, friends, and co-workers.

“We routinely see a surge in Botox, dermal fillers, microdermabrasions, and various laser treatmentsBlair Plastic Surgery holiday in preparation for the season’s festivities, “ states Dr. Robert Louton, board certified plastic surgeon and CEO of Blair Plastic Surgery. “The immediate results and lack of social downtime for these non-surgical procedures, make it easy and convenient to obtain a quick fix or last minute touch up before your next event.” What may be surprising is that according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the demand for plastic surgery procedures before and during the holiday season also increase dramatically nationwide.

With almost 25 years in the field of aesthetic surgery, Dr. Louton concurs. “Breast augmentation and liposuction top our patient’s wish list this time of year as busy individuals take advantage of time off work for their recovery.” With this increase in popularity however, Dr. Louton cautions individuals considering gifting plastic surgery. “Plastic surgery should never be given as a surprise gift. It must be stressed that the decision to have a cosmetic procedure is a very individual one and is always ultimately up to the patient and her/his surgeon.”

If cosmetic surgery is on your gift list this season, you should consider this:
• The desire for plastic or cosmetic surgery should come from the person who will be operated on, not from a mate, family member or friend. The patient’s desires and decisions about surgery are final.
• If he or she is open to the idea, you may want to help the potential patient find a board certified plastic surgeon with plenty of experience performing the treatment that will be given as a “gift”.

“I think the best way to approach plastic surgery as a gift is to buy only an initial consultation and then to let the patient take it from there,” says Dr. Louton. Patients should feel comfortable with their choice to have surgery and with their choice of plastic surgeon before moving forward. “If you really want to give a thoughtful gift, provide the gift of time to help care for the person after the surgery.”

If you are looking forward to a festive holiday season and want to look your best, now is a great time to call for details on our holiday specials, 814-949-7280. Blair Plastic Surgery has two convenient locations, Altoona and State College. Find us on Facebook and at Gift Certificates are available.

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Pre Holiday Procedures and Gifting Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery should never be given as a surprise gift.