Permanent Brows Can Make You Look And Feel Better

secrets by lorie story 3Are your eyebrows thinning? You may have experienced embarrassment, frustration and the loss of many hours due to brow pencil application. Good news… First, thinning eyebrows is much more common than you think at all ages, and second, the remedy is simple, fast, affordable and permanent. If you have brow loss, there is no doubt that you’ve noticed. Brows often get overlooked when they are indeed a very important feature that frame the face, convey emotion and make eyes look bright and less tired. Permanent brows can help you look and feel better. If you are bothered by sparse, unshapely or “gone” brows, you may be in need of a Brow Makeover! 2


The consultation is complimentary. During the consultation, Lorie will actually fill in your brows with a brow pencil and discuss shape, size, color and placement to achieve the most comfortable and flattering appearance for you. In the past, brows have often been a neglected feature of the face. Now that brows are “all the rage” call and schedule a personal visit with Lorie Litzinger at Secrets By Lorie in Bellefonte, Pa or Mechanicsburg, Pa. Please see a few pictures here of actual clients who’ve taken this step to improve their appearance by getting a simple brow makeover. A great set of brows is something everyone can have.

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Permanent Brows Can Make You Look And Feel Better.