Jezebel’s Boutique- Finding The Perfect Fit For Our Customers!

This past June, Jezebel’s Boutique celebrated our 7th Anniversary! Since our initial opening, we have helped thousands of women find the right bra size, and more importantly helped clients discover that a properly fitting bra can not only provide great support, but help them feel better about the way they look!

Many of our customers from when we first opened are still our customers today. We appreciate their jezebels print and clip couponloyalty, and believe it comes from our passionate approach to customer service, and making sure
each customer leaves the store standing taller and feeling better about herself… feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Professional Bra Fitting

At Jezebel’s Boutique we understand how important proper bra sizing is, and we are dedicated
to making sure our customers leave in absolute comfort and complete chest support. We carry
all of the top brands and feature a full line of bra sizes from AA-N
and band sizes from 28 to 50.

 Wedding Plans?

Getting married? Or know someone who is? Jezebel’s Boutique is highly recommended by many of the region’s top Bridal Shoppes, and carries a full line of bridal accessories. Stop by and check our Bachelorette accessories, Bridal Corsets, Bustiers, Strapless Bras, Bridal Garters, blue and white Garters, and Tiaras.

Maternity Bras

Jezebel’s also offers a beautiful and functional collection of maternity and nursing bras forjezebels story image
expecting and new mothers. We take pride in the unique brands that we offer our customers,
helping them fully enjoy pregnancy clothing and nursing newborns, without sacrificing their sense of personal style. Beautiful fabric, delicate lace, and vibrant colors are combined with fabulous fit and comfortable, supportive designs.

Print and clip our coupon for additional savings! Contact us anytime through our website or via email or phone 814-272-7967 . We are always ready to help.

Are You Living Well? 3 Tips

By G. White

Staff Writer

There is an art to living well. Living well is an expression of who you truly are, who you truly should be, your dreams, your hopes, your fears. The difference between living well and just living all depends on you. You and only you can decide to make choices that can enhance the quality of your life or diminish the quality of your life. If you decide to enhance your life, in which I hop you do, hear are a few things to get you started.

1. Live your moments to the fullest. As soon as you wake each morning, put a smile on our face. g white image 1, blogThis smile will set how your day goes. Scientist and spiritual teaches agree that the simple act of smiling can transform you and everyone you encounter. Smiles are contagious. Not only does it lift your mood, but it makes you beautiful. Don’t believe me, try smiling at random people during the day and see how they respond. Nine times out of ten you will get a smile back.

2. Be true to yourself. You are unique. You are an individual. Express yourself, in a good way, and share this uniqueness with others. Be a mentor. Volunteer. Be a good friend. A good mother, wife, daughter, etc. Don’t know where or how to start, check out the Internet for some ideas.

3. Be open, accepting and appreciative. If you prepare yourself for whatever comes your way, you lessen the chance of being afraid, and are ready to accept and face what is thrown at you.

Central PA Hometowns: Belleville, PA

belleville pa, amish image 1Far from the touristy Amish attractions of southeast PA, our little Amish and Mennonite farm community of Belleville is the real thing – a lovely central PA small town where diversity and neighborliness rule. Attractions include the Belleville Sale, antique shops, local wineries, Amish stores, picturesque countryside, and plenty of good eating.

Set aside a Wednesday morning and visit Big Valley and Belleville for a day of shopping, eating, and sight-seeing. Not that you can’t visit any other day of the week, it’s just that everything happens on Wednesday in Big Valley – and it generally happens before noon!

Between Reedsville and Allensville on Route 655 in Mifflin County, Belleville has nearly 1,900 people, which swells three or four times every Wednesday. Bring your camera. The farm scenes are gorgeous, but do not take photos of the Amish without asking permission. Make time for Brookmere Winery, Peight’s Store, Dairyland Antiques, Country Kitchen Restaurant, Rustic Log Furniture, Old Woolen Mill Shoppes, and so many more quaint and affordable greenhouses, fabric stores, countrybelleville pa, amish farm market, image 2 stores, and eateries along Route 655. Cash is preferred.

The neat, thriving farms in the valley offer everything from flowers to strawberries, sweet corn to fresh-churned butter. The women make quilts and home décor items. There are fresh meats, bountiful piles of veggies, and baked goods like you’ve never imagined. Bring an appetite, cash, and coolers and bags to carry home your goodies.

Livestock and farm sales begin early every Wednesday morning in the heart of town. There are a couple of barn nooks to get a home cooked breakfast on the grounds. Dozens upon dozens of flea market vendors offer everything from antiques to new socks, jewelry to farm implements. You can take home live animals, fresh eggs, produce, you name it.

belleville pa, amish frm market, image 3Big Valley is home to many sects in the Amish religion. Beliefs and customs vary but this basic tenet is true: The Amish here live quiet, peaceful lives and are not on display for tourists. Your d easiest opportunity to talk the Amish is to buy something from them. Treat them with respect just like you would any other vendor and take home fresh veggies and a whoopie pie or two.

Email me your hometown with your reasons why you’d like to be chosen for the next issue of The Women’s Journal. Sandie Biddle, contributing writer,

Vintage Rentals and Vintage-Style Events

forget me not vintage rentals, couple at a table, vintage decorMy name is Renee Bower and I own Forget-Me-Not Vintage Rentals in Berwick, PA.  We offer vintage furniture, china and decor for special events, weddings, photo shoots and plays.  Our inventory ranges from mismatched wooden chairs, farmhouse tables, and mismatched china to architectural salvage and small decorative details.  We offer a unique alternative to the standard banquet tables and chairs.  We give our clients the opportunity to add character to a space and tailor the aesthetic to who they are.  So for example, if a client wanted a different chair and a different place setting at each tables, we could do that.  We don’t match at Forget-me-not.

We also offer styling services.  Whether it be some guidance or full-on wedding design, we can help.  In the most basic sense, we not only rent vintage pieces but we can come to the event and make everything looking Pinterest-worthy.   The fact that I offer styling services requires me to stay very up-to-date on the latest fashionable trends.

A question that often comes up is essentially “Are vintage rentals just a trend?”.  My answer to that isforget me not vintage rentals, vintage items image No and here is my reason:  Vintage-style weddings may be fading out, but that doesn’t mean vintage rentals are.  You don’t need to have a vintage-style wedding to use vintage pieces.  While some of our inventory items will phase in and out of style, most of our inventory is classic and will stand the test of time.  For example our gorgeous tiger wood dresser is timeless and can work with a range of different style events.  The colors, patterns, and textiles will be ever changing, but the core pieces are here to stay.  So many people still decorate their homes with Victorian furniture and antiques, but haven’t necessarily adopted a vintage-style theme.

Even though our name communicates that we offer vintage rentals, our services go far beyond that. The term ‘vintage’ is a catch all for pieces that exude character.  As the trends float in and out of the event industry, it’s my job to keep our inventory up-to-date.  The ultimate intention is for us to provide captivating  and cutting-edge style to any event.

For more information contact me, Renee Bower at or call at: 570-752-3634.

Why Your Body Needs Pure Bottled Water – Hydrasonic Water

HydraSonic™ bottled water is perfectly pure advanced hydrating water. It is one of the cleanest bottled drinking watesr on the market. In fact, it’s hundreds of times cleaner than many of the spring or mineral waters currently available to the public.

Many years of research and development and 2 years of beta testing of the prototype for HydraSonic™ bottled water. It is produced through the advancement of a breakthrough 21st century quantum water processing technology featuring a proprietary 14 stage ultra-purification and revitalization process. This unique process produces water that is ultra-pure, ph balanced, “Living Water” just as in nature, allowing deep, cellular intake through the aquaporin channels, the floodgates to hydration.

HydraSonic™ bottled water is was engineered and optimized for hydration on a cellular level.

The technology that goes into manufacturing HydraSonic™ is one of a kind, and contains no preservatives or additives used in this proprietary process. It features a clear, refreshing taste, intended to re-hydrate without the consequences of bloating or sloshing in your stomach. Test it out, put some on your hands and see how absorbent it truly is!

Our proprietary 21st-Century Quantum Water Processing Technology features a 14-step ultra-purification/revitalizing process is why HydraSonic™ measures only about 0.5 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS) or less. This makes it one of the cleanest known bottled drinking water on the market. In fact, it’s thousands of times cleaner than any spring or mineral water. At the end of this process we ozone our water, which preserves the clean, crisp taste of HydraSonic™ ultra-purified bottled water and is bottled only with a very high quality BPA free polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE, PET1) bottle.

Clean water allows the body to function more efficiently. The lower the TDS count the cleaner the water. HydraSonic™ bottled water has an average of 0.5 parts per million of total dissolved solids which is 20 times lower than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard of 10 ppm for purified water and 1000 times lower than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) secondary standard of 500 ppm for drinking water.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) as a measure for water purity. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm).

Our bodies are approximately 70% water. Our muscles are about 75% water. Our brain is more than 80% water. Our blood is more than 85% water. Our cells are about 90% water. Approximately 60% of the bodies need for water comes from liquids, about 30% from foods, and the other 10% is produced in the body from the cellular metabolism.

By properly hydrating with good, clean, quality water, you allow your body to function more efficiently. Some of the benefits of proper hydration may include:

•             Healthy skin and hair

•             Healthy joints (Research indicates that eight to 10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80 percent of sufferers.)

•             Stronger immune system

•             Faster recovery from surgery

•             Faster recovery from physical activity

•             Reduces hypertension

•             Reduces cholesterol

•             Reduces body fat

•             Reduce risk of various types of cancers (According to the Bottled Water Web, drinking five glasses of water daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent, breast cancer by 79 percent, and bladder cancer by 50 percent.)

. Just like athletes, isn’t it a good idea to consume only the very best so you can perform at your peak performance? We also recommend giving it to your pets and plants…they will LOVE it!

Take the HydraSonic Challenge drink 2 to 4 bottles a day and feel the difference.

Join The Hydration Revolution Today.

Wings in the Park – at Snetsinger Butterfly Garden

wings in the park, butterfly imageThe sixth annual celebration of “Wings in the Park” will take place 10 AM-2 PM Saturday, July 19 at the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden (SBG) at Tom Tudek Memorial Park. The purpose of this free event is to educate the public about the importance of pollinators to our ecosystems and our everyday lives. Attractions at the SBG include a large Pollinator Friendly Demonstration Garden featuring an extensive variety of native plants, the Native Bee Conservation Garden and “Bee Hotel”, the Woodland Demonstration Garden, and an official Monarch Waystation.

Butterflies are the main focus of study and educational efforts at the site, but over thirty species of birds have been documented in the habitat. Providing a healthy ecosystem for these pollinators is critically important as our flowering plants and food sources depend upon them.

With the loss of pollinator habitat as one of the most critical reasons for the decline of pollinators throughout the United States, individuals, schools, businesses and communities can play a vital role by creating pollinator friendly habitats on their properties and in their backyards.

This year’s “Wings in the Park” event will focus on the plight of the Monarch Butterfly, recently in the news because of its precipitous decline. The plan toward recovery includes greatly expanding the planting of milkweed (its only host) and nectar plants in large areas not usually considered as pollinator habitat – like home gardens and community spaces.

By converting large areas of lawn and other landscapes to pollinator friendly gardens we can help the monarch population recover. This year at Wings in the Park, attendees will receive a free milkweed plant and participate in the creation of the “Monarch Mosaic.” This four-by six-foot community artwork will travel with Master Gardener speakers to schools, Scout groups, senior centers, and other community groups to illustrate a vivid metaphor of how monarch protection can be accomplished by individuals each doing a small part.

“Wings in the Park” will offer many ways to learn about pollinators. A colorful Pollinator Parade kicks
off the day at 10 AM. Popular events for kids include the Great Scavenger Hunt, butterfly net construction, and caterpillar cookie decoration. Parents can learn how to garden for pollinators or hear “habitat chats”about various themes.

Over a dozen exhibits will represent organizations such as the Penn State Center for Pollinator Research, Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, and others. A pollinator-themed art exhibit will
show work by local children. Community Stewards will also be on hand to share how they contribute to the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden’s mission.

The Snetsinger Butterfly Garden is located at Tom Tudek Memorial Park at 400 Herman Drive in State College, PA. If you’re traveling by car, the entrance is off Martin Street, which is one block west of Atherton Street/US 322 about a mile north of the Penn State campus. If you’re on a bike or on foot,
the Tudek Park bike and pedestrian trail goes right past the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden.

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The Womens Journal – New Look, New Reach

new look new reach for the womens journals - central pa…We’ve upgraded the Journal to a magazine size format… still the same, fabulous content from your local businesses.

The new look offers better packaging, more excitement with a fresh,contemporary look that reflects our communities. We’ve also upgraded our web page and social media contacts. We ARE…print and digital just for you.

People like to get their info in a convenient and easy format…peoples’ likes are different. Some prefer the print version so they actually hold the paper in their hands while others prefer the online version available on their phones or tablets. It’s like having the journal with you at all times.

TWJ is available at thousands of locations throughout the 14 central PA delivery area. People can read it online as well at

social network images, the womens journal, central pa

Are you a business owner…. or a BFF (Best Friend Forever) to a business owner? Print is still a vital part of the marketing mix, and helps to provide a real world point of context for many marketing some testimonials, the womens journals, central pacampaigns that might otherwise exist only online. As consumers face digital fatigue through constant bombardment of emails and online advertising incorporating printed materials into the mix can maximize a marketing campaign. Likewise, some people prefer all the new social media possibilities.

The Women’s Journal strives to answer the needs of both our readers and advertisers. Our goal is to be of service to our readers and make that connection to fantastic business people so that their businesses will continue to grow. With knowledge comes power – you hold the power.

I’m sure you’ve heard or read about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – it’s a searchable, online extension of the print publication. TWJ is excited to say that we are fully embracing online opportunities for both our readers and our advertisers. Check us out in all our social mediums
as well as our upgraded print version and digital form.

We want our readers to know all about our advertisers. Please feel free to give us your feedback. We appreciate hearing, “I love The Women’s Journal.” Talk about sunshine and smiles – it’s
almost like eating a chocolate gelato.
Cheerfully yours, Tere Rill, Publisher/owner


Finances For Women – Common Questions

By Judy Loy, ChFC® and CEOat Nestlerode & Loy Investment Advisors

judy roy, nestlerode and loy, investments, financial planning, central paHaving money gives one choices, but deciding how to utilize it artfully can create confusion and uncertainty. While investing, saving, and debt payments are guided by individual risk tolerance and circumstances, there are general guide-lines to allow for more objective thinking when making some common decisions.

Here are some frequent questions I receive:

If you get a raise or inherit money, should you invest it or pay down your mortgage? A mortgage is considered ‘good debt’ as it permits homeowners to finance a home and build equity in their house over time. Given the low interest rate en-vironment of recent years, most current mortgage holders have exceptionally low mortgage rates that are fixed. You typically also get a tax deduction for your mortgage interest if you item-ize.

Therefore, paying down your mortgage is similar to a guaranteed tax-free instrument earning the mortgage interest rate. First things to consider are: Do you have an emergency savings? How would you invest your money elsewhere?

If you don’t have savings set aside for emergencies, save enough money to cover three to six months of expenses in a liquid savings account or money market. This will prevent you from having to use high interest rate credit card debt in an emergency. After that, if you are not getting the full match from an employer contribution into a retirement plan, make that a priority before paying down the mortgage. You won’t get a better return than the 100% return you get from taking advantage of your employer’s matching contribution.

After exhausting these possibilities, compare the interest rate on the mortgage (tax adjusted) with the returns on the proposed investments. Remember, the investment returns that are beating the mortgage rate may not be guaranteed so factor in your risk tolerance. Putting money into a CD at 2% and not paying off a 4% mortgage doesn’t make sense but putting money into a mutual fund for 20 years where the average return has been 8% might make sense, if you can handle the volatility, and your mortgage rate is 4%.

I also urge clients to have their mortgage paid off before retirement so that there is one less expense to cover after you stop working.

If you plan on putting money into a personal individual retirement account (IRA), should you invest in a traditional or a Roth IRA?

The answer to this question includes understanding the differences between the two IRAs and reasons why you might choose one over the other. A traditional IRA allows for a tax deduction for money going into the IRA; therefore, if $2,000 went into an IRA in 2014,you would have $2,000 less income to pay taxes on when tax time rolls around in April 2015. Putting the same $2,000 into a Roth in 2014, would give you no tax advantage now.

Both accounts grow tax-deferred until money is pulled out, meaning any dividends or capital gains created inside the accounts are not taxed. However, in retirement, all withdrawals from an IRA are taxable as income. In contrast, qualified withdrawals from a Roth IRA in retirement are tax-free. Thus, the Roth benefits you tax-wise in re-tirement and a large amount of gains inside of a Roth will never be taxed.

If you have an employer retirement plan through work, a deductible IRA is only fully available to you if your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is under $59,000 if you are single or $96,000 if you are married filing jointly. A Roth is more forgiving as it does not take into account whether you have a retirement plan through work but merely goes by your AGI.

If you are single and your Adjusted Gross Income is under $114,000 in 2014, you are eligible to make the full Roth contribution. If you are married and filing jointly, you are eligible for a full Roth contribution when your AGI is under $181,000.If you are eligible for both, how do you choose? If you be-lieve tax rates will be higher for you in retirement, you should choose a Roth.

I believe a combination of Roth and Traditional IRAs (or traditional retirement plans) makes the most sense. In retirement, you may have a year you want to minimize income (possibly to not be taxed on social security), so having the option of pulling from either a Roth or a Traditional Retirement Plan helps diversify you tax-wise.

As you see, and talk you through your options.

Please call investment advisor Judy Loy, ChFC ® to help plan your financial future at: 814.238.6249

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10 Tips for Properly Washing Swimsuits

#1 – Identify Bathing Suit Materials-Read the labels to determine what your swimsuit is made of.washing swimsuits, clothes mentor, state college pa
Different materials require different care.

#2 – Rinse and Wash With Care – Rinse immediately after use. Hand wash after wearing. When washing swimsuits fill a sink with cool water and add a small amount of mild liquid hand soap or detergent meant for delicates. Let it soak for 15 minutes then gently massage with hands to work the chemicals and dirt out. Drain the soapy water and rinse until the water runs clear.. Never wring or twist the swimsuit.

#3 – How to Dry a Swimsuit – Never wring a swimsuit out. This can damage the delicate fibers and cause the suit to lose it’s shape. Instead, lay it flat between two dry towels, roll the towels up and gently press the towels so they absorb the excess water. Electric dryers should not be used.

#4 – Avoid Dry Cleaning, Ironing and Bleaching – These things can cause damage to the fabrics of the swimsuit.

#5 – Short Term and Long Term Storage – In the short term, keep suit flat. In the long term, keep on a shelf or in a box. Keeping them flat helps retain the shape of the suit

#6 – Washing a New Bathing Suit – Soaking a new suit in vinegar helps prevent the colors from fading or bleeding, keeping them brighter for longer. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to a quart of water. Soak for 30 minutes

#7 – Shower Before Wearing – Showering before wearing your suit helps to eliminate substances that cause deterioration, including dirt, perspiration, oil, body lotion, perfume, deodorant and make-up.

#8 – Rinse Swimsuit Before Swimming – Rinsing the suit before swimming will reduce the amount of washing swimsuits, clothes mentor state college, monthly specialschlorine it absorbs.

#9 – Avoid Rough Surfaces – When sitting or laying on harsh surfaces, take care not to sit directly on the ground. Lay down a towel to prevent the suit from picking or fraying.

#10 – Alternate Swimsuits – If possible, have two suits on hand and alternate wearing them. Most
swimsuits contain spandex, which is a memory fabric. It needs 24 hours before it can return to its original shape.

Conclusion – A good swimsuit can be an asset to any wardrobe; yet with frequent exposure to sun,
salt, chlorine, perspiration and more, the swimsuit’s colors and shape will deteriorate. Special attention is need to protect one’s swimsuit in order to keep it looking its best!

washing swimsuits, clothes mentor, state college pa, banner with hours

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Venous Disease

Venous disease is one of the most common conditions affecting our health. It is estimated that about 20% of adults may be suffering from venous disease. Although many people may have visible varicose veins, many others have no visible signs of the disease. Individuals with venous disease range from those with small vein disease (spider and reticular veins) to patients with large bulging varicose veins. When varicose veins are present, patients may experience swelling in the legs as well as skin changes such as discoloration, thickening of the skin, and in advanced cases, skin ulcers. Occasionally, large varicose veins may develop blood clots, a condition called superficial
phlebitis. Patients without visible signs of venous disease may have symptoms such as leg pain (aching or cramping), leg heaviness or fatigue, swelling, throbbing, burning, itching or tenderness. Some people also experience restless legs.

Men and women of all ages can be affected by venous disease although women are affected more venous disease, circulatory centers, pennsylvaniathan men due to hormones. Venous disease has a very strong genetic component but there are certain risk factors that can also contribute to its development. These include obesity, pregnancy, prior trauma, surgery, lifestyle, and occupations that require prolonged standing.

The treatment of venous disease has come very far in the past 10 years. Today we know much more about this medical problem and the diagnosis and treatment is far superior to that of times past. Venous disease can be easily diagnosed with the use of painless, noninvasive ultrasound performed in the office to determine if you have venous reflux. Venous reflux is the back flow of blood in the legs caused by weakened valves in the veins of the legs.

If you experience any symptoms of the disease, you need to make sure that your physician is aware. Venous disease can be a serious medical condition, which left untreated, can lead to long standing complications.

Treatment for venous disease may involve a procedure called EVLA which is a laser procedure done in the office to close down some of the larger superficial veins. Most patients also require sclerotherapy injections to shut down some of the smaller, more superficial veins of the legs. Treatment can help manage the disease and improve the overall health and appearance of your legs as well as greatly improve your quality of life. Most procedures are covered by insurance.

Call 800.342.8918 to schedule a
FREE consultation at one of our
four Laurel Highlands locations today!

This article was provided by Circulatory Centers. They have specialized in the treatment of vein issues and vein disease for over 30 years. Their board certified doctors and vascular surgeons are experts in diagnosing and treating circulatory issues caused by veins dysfunction. With over 31 offices in seven states, Circulatory Centers are the vein treatment provider doctors recommend most. For more information, visit or 1-800-342-8918.