Older Can Be Cool

Studio808hairMy wife and I went to Miami for a conference last weekend. I love traveling. There’s nothing like leaving home for an adventure, no matter what the distance or mode of transportation. Getting out of your day-to-day surroundings and common people interactions is a challenge and a great time for reflection.

So there I sat in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport watching the parade of people. The thing that always strikes me is the images that people try to portray and miss. The most striking are the older folks (like myself) who are trying to look young. Usually that doesn’t work.

Awareness of fashion tempered by age is an ideal combination. Europeans seem to most consistently portray that feel of wearing their age and current fashion comfortably. It’s OK to wear contemporary fashion lines as long as they don’t conflict with not so contemporary physical lines. A couple of basic rules to follow are:

• If your hair has thinned, don’t try a spiky or textured hair style.
If you can see daylight through your hair, your style doesn’t work.

• If you don’t have the muscle tone of a 19 year old, don’t wear tight fitting straight-line cloths. Round lines under tight straight lines is not what the designer had in mind.

• If you are losing color in your hair (graying) you are also loosing color in your skin, eyes, teeth, and nails. Going natural or coloring your hair no more than one or two levels lighter or darker works best.

• You should always check your finished look in a full length mirror. If you see a head of hair, a face, and a costume all screaming “look at me”, you need to adjust your look. If you see a head (hair and face not competing for attention) and a costume with contemporary lines that flow with harmony, then you are, in fact cool. Still older (they all know anyway) but certainly cool.

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Article Name
Older Can Be Cool
The most striking are the older folks (like myself) who are trying to look young. Usually that doesn’t work.