Multi-Dimensional Design

Studio808hairThe snow blew past my salon windows sideways while my heaters worked overtime to maintain a cozy temperature. All but one client had canceled. And while I was tempted to close, I thought if she needed her hair done bad enough to come out in this, I would be available. Finally, headlights pulled into my parking lot. When she opened the door, the wind blew her in with a spray of wet snow.

“I can’t make it until spring” she gasped as she took off her gloves. “The holidays are over and there’s not even so much as a birthday until spring. I’m going crazy, I need a diversion.” Well, tweaking your image is a great diversion for this time of year. Sit down, make yourself comfortable and we’ll talk, I said.

As the outside grew colder and darker, inside, her hair became warmer and lighter. That evening we advanced her regular color formula to a multi-dimensional design. We added a sprinkle of strategic highlights while wrapping her shoulders with deep warm lowlights. Her cut simply needed to be readjusted to her head shape, and presto… winter blahs gone. As my client’s new look took shape, she began planning the rest of her transformation.

The next day called for a make-up adjustment. Then a more colorful winter coat and scarf. A few window shopping trips to get more ideas, a volunteer position to show off her new look, and finally a free online university course for entertainment. As my client woke with the sun in her eyes on the first day of spring, she realized she really did make it through the winter. And now… what could her new spring image be?

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Multi-Dimensional Design
That evening we advanced her regular color formula to a multi-dimensional design.