Golfing Made Easier with Chiropractic!

It’s that time of year again! The sun is shining and everyone wants to be outside. Doesn’t it feel so good to be out in the fresh air again? Now that the weather is heating up, many people cannot wait to get outside and play some golf. It’s a sport that people of all ages enjoy, and you never know from one day to the next how you will make out. Although golfing is a fun game, many times players suffer from common injuries. The repetitive torque from swinging the clubs often causes a variety of pain. Listed below are four common golf injuries and how chiropractic can help get you back in the game.

1. Back Pain- This is the most common golfing injury. Swinging clubs in the same direction over and over again causes a lot of torque on the spine especially in the low back area. The repetitive motion can lead to disc injuries, muscle strains, and stress fractures. In our office, Drs. Kevin, Kelli, and Kerri can perform spinal manipulations to relieve pain and pressure from disc injuries. The doctors are also highly trained in whole food nutrition, which can help with ligament support and bone building processes needed after a stress fracture.

2. Golfer’s Elbow- This injury refers to medial or inside elbow pain. Pain in this area is often aggravated with gripping the clubs or during impact of hitting the ball. The doctors in our office are highly trained in applied kinesiology. This technique can help to reset muscles that have been injured around the joint. By fixing the muscles, pain and inflammation can be reduced.

3. Knee Pain- Knees are often affected with golfing due to the rotational forces. Keeping feet planted while swinging the clubs can irritate ligaments and muscles. Constant bending and squatting to gage the green or pick up golf balls
can also affect golfers’ knees. Regular chiropractic care can help stabilize the muscles around the knee and ensure proper adjusting occurs to create proper motion within the joint. At Hands in Health, the doctors may also use cold laser
therapy, which can help decrease inflammation within the joint.

4. Shoulder Pain- Shoulder injuries are caused from repetitive swinging motions during golf. Drs. Kevin, Kelli, and Kerri can all adjust the shoulder joints to decrease pain. Kinesiotape can also be used to help rehab the shoulder while it heals. Kinesiotape is the colorful tape that many athletes use that acts as ice on the joint, but does not restrict motion. Since 21 muscles attach to the shoulder, many times muscles can become imbalanced. Proper strengthening and stretching exercises can be incorporated during proper rehabilitation.

Golfing is an enjoyable sport. The game is growing in popularity among both men and women. Help your body to prevent injury and recover quickly with chiropractic care. At Hands in Health, our doctors work thoroughly to ensure proper healing. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment in one of our office locations, please call us. We are excited to help you feel well and get back in the game. The Greatest Wealth is Your Health!

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Article Name
Golfing Made Easier with Chiropractic!
Help your body to prevent injury and recover quickly with chiropractic care. At Hands in Health, our doctors work thoroughly to ensure proper healing.