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With the change of seasons this fall, you’re probably craving some new outfits right about now. But before you cram one more piece of clothing in your closet, think about cleaning it up a bit. Here are a few tips to help:

You know it’s true: there are some things in your closet that you’ll never wear again. This is the perfect time to ditch those wastes of valuable space. Try using these guidelines…
• Anything with a stain that won’t ever come up, regardless of what detergent you try
• Anything with a hole that can’t be hidden or mended
• Anything that makes you think, “Ugh, I hate how this looks on me,” when you actually wear it
• Anything that has purely “sentimental” value (it’s just a piece of clothing. You’ll live without it)
• Anything that will fit you just as soon as you start up that diet again

There are lots of ways to stash your clothing, but you want to do it the right way. Even if you’re working with very limitedclosets plus 2 space, try to follow the following:
• Store seasonal items away – give the primo space to things you actually wear
• Try to maintain a balance of items – when you add something, see if there’s something worn or old that you can take away
• Don’t hang your sweaters or knits; instead, fold them to help them retain their shape
• Group similar items together (pants, jackets, etc.) to help you assemble outfits quickly

Unless your closet has been “maximized” (something we do at Closet Plus) no amount of massaging can fit 25 feet of clothing into a 15-foot closet. If you have too many “must keep” clothes for your closet’s space, stuffing everything in is not helpful – you’ll only create a headache for yourself later. Instead, consider a closet organization system.

Whether you need a pro to organize your space or just want some ideas of your own, stop by our showroom in Selinsgrove to get some ideas. Make this the season you get organized. Call Closets Plus Today For a free Design Consultation 888 649 2969 or Visit us online at We know you will be glad you did. You can also “like” us on Facebook to keep up to date on new offerings. “55 minutes The amount of time an average American spends each day looking for things he/she has but can’t find.” – Good Housekeeping


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Get Organized!
Make this the season you get organized. Call Closets Plus Today For a free Design Consultation 888 649 2969 or Visit us online at