The Courtyard Tells the Mike Agranoff Story

Mike Agranoff close-upThe Courtyard Theater in the Susquehanna Valley Mall concluded its run of the play, “The Rocky Horror Show” this past weekend to standing ovations from almost every audience that viewed all 6 performances. Certainly, no audience member left the theater after the play’s conclusion until they had a chance to participate with the entire cast in dancing to “The Time Warp”, the signature dance number for the play.

Some audience members were curious when they read in the program about the next attraction at the theater, Mike Agranoff and Gathering Time.

Here’s what it said in the program:

Who the heck is MIKE AGRANOFF?

Funny you should ask!

Mike Agranoff is one of America’s leading humorists, folk singers, and acoustic guitar phenoms. He’s a story-teller in folk music with a glint in his eye. Mike is not so much a “singer-songwriter” as a “singer-song-finder“. He takes humorous, little-known folk songs and adds his own distinctive style. Equally at home in the traditional camps of the folk world, he also is well-acquainted with contemporary folk music.

Who the heck is GATHERING TIME?

This folk-rock group: Hilary Foxsong, Stuart Markus, and Gerry McKeveny are like a “high-energy Peter, Paul, and Mary”. Their head-turning harmony has been described as “getting a whole beehive-full-of-buzz” on the Northeast Regional Folk Scene. John Platt of New York’s WFUV has written that they are “among the finest performers in the New York Metropolitan Area folk scene”…with “harmonies that can charm the birds out of the trees”.

Art Lieberman, the theater’s producer blames the inability of the New York Mets to score runs on how he discovered Agranoff. “I was watching a Met game on TV and they were losing 8-0 in the third inning. I decided the Mets were through for the day so I began channel surfing and, on ‘Homegrown  Concerts’ on PBS, I discovered Mike. He played several extremely funny tunes while demonstrating an uncanny talent, first on an acoustic guitar and later on a concertina. That, combined with the look of a sparkly-eyed loveable curmudgeon, sort of an Andy Rooney kind of character would, I decided, thrill people in our area. I became curious to learn whether or not he would journey to Central PA to perform at our theater.  Not only was he willing but recommended that Gathering Time, the trio of folk singers who were later described to me as ‘Peter, Paul & Mary on steroids’ join him for the two performances. Mike, apparently had worked with them many times in the past. I know our audiences will just love the show”.

 MIKE AGRANOFF together with GATHERING TIME will be appearing at the Courtyard Theater for two nights: Friday & Saturday, October 24th & 25th both at 7:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 570-374-0060,  on the ticket tab on the theater’s Website at or two hours prior to the show at the box office of the theater in the Mall. As usual, tickets are only $15 each.

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The Courtyard Tells the Mike Agranoff Story
Mike Agranoff is one of America's leading humorists, folk singers, and acoustic guitar phenoms. He's a story-teller in folk music with a glint in his eye.