Athena Awards

The Women’s Journal Presents: The Athena Award 2014

athena award image, the womens journals, central paThe ATHENA AWARD is an international women’s leadership award presented annually to an individual from a specific community or area. Nominations are solicited throughout the community and across professional sectors. An ATHENA sculpture is awarded to an exemplary leader, most often a woman, who meets certain criteria. 

The ATHENA Award actively supports ATHENA International’s mission to support, develop, and honor women leaders, and is reflective of a quote attributed to Plato, “What is honored in a country will be cultivated there.” 

Since the program’s inception in 1982, over 6,200 individuals have received the prestigious ATHENA Award in over 500 communities around the globe. This award has also been established in Ohio and other areas of Pennsylvania. Its focus on the mentorship of women is what sets the ATHENA Award apart from other leadership awards of its kind.
.We need your help to identify and nominate potential ATHENA Leadership Award® Recipients. Within your organization and circle of influence, there are undoubtedly individuals who are most deserving of this honor.

ATHENA Leadership Award Nominees give back to our community in 
profoundly meaningful ways and make it a better place to live, work and lead. Honoring them fosters an atmosphere of inclusion where all are invited to celebrate, cultivate relationships, and discover their own personal brand of leadership.This prestigious award is presented to someone who represents and has achieved all of the following criteria:
• Actively assist women in achieving their full leadership potential.
• Provide valuable service to improve the quality of life for others 
   in their community.
• Demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in their 
   business, profession or philanthropic volunteering.


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