Ammonia-Free Hair Color

ammonia-free hair color studio 808 imageAt one time hairdressers had only red and green based permanent hair color to work with. It was a magical time because it would have taken magic to make human-looking hair color from formulas based only on red and green. Color results were flat and monochromatic. What
appeared to be a Crayola crayon effect.

Then came a full range of permanent hair color bases. This made human-looking permanent hair color not only possible but truly easy! However, a problem that still remained. To get permanent hair color to be accepted into the hair shaft required the addition of ammonia in the color formula. Repeated applications of ammonia dries the hair shaft and leaves the hair looking dull and frayed. Ammonia also destroys vital proteins in the hair shaft, which can leave hair looking brittle and lifeless.

Now chemists have banished ammonia from hair color forever. We are blessed with AMMONIA-FREE hair color that leaves hair shimmering and lustrous. Studio 808 features Redkin’s “Chromatics” ammonia-free permanent hair color. Redken’s oil infusion delivery system means zero odor, zero ammonia damage, and one-hundred percent natural looking hair color. Book an appointment with Frank at Studio 808 today for truly dynamic permanent hair color results.

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Article Name
Ammonia-Free Hair Color
We are blessed with AMMONIA-FREE hair color that leaves hair shimmering and lustrous. Studio 808 features Redkin’s “Chromatics” ammonia-free permanent hair color.