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YOU can have your message in front of your customers 24/7 — 365 days a year. How?

The Women’s Journal™ is an informative and educational resource helping you advertise your advertising page banner ad, the womens journal, central pabusiness, profession or specialty with no ‘noise’ to interrupt or distract your target market — Women. Noise is the four minutes of commercials, the thirty pages of cosmetic ads, the irrelevant layout of display ads, the internet pop-ups and row —after row of highway billboards that consumers are not expecting, don’t want or ignore.

Do we feature only women in the papers?

No, absolutely not. The Women’s Journal™ philosophy simply recognizes women as a very influential niche market. Women talk about everything, including which motorcycle to purchase, and which doctor is the best, male or female. Do YOU make Women your target market?? If you recognize this buying power then you should include it in your business growth plan.

In order for women to reach their purchasing decision, they go through an enabling process; gathering information, learning through ‘permission marketing,’* sharing (word-of-mouth or referrals) and developing trust. We provide assistance to women by providing a format of non-traditional, informative, sponsored articles, rather than just display ads. The articles empower women to make decisions and give our advertisers and contributors more effective ways to communicate continuously with their audiences. *(Permission marketing occurs when a consumer picks up a FREE copy of The Women’s Journal™ because they want to read it). As a result, that consumer (your audience) is interested because they have chosen to be.

The Women’s Journal™ is published bi-monthly (every other month), giving business owners and professionals extended and effective exposure: 24/7 — 365 days per year. It is FREE to the reader and is distributed where women live, work and play (click here for distribution map).

Readers — Are you seeing and reading about products, and services that interest you? Do you visit a particular business that you feel would benefit by educating their consumer? If yes, ask them why they don’t participate in The Women’s Journal.™ YOU have the power, use it. PLEASE feel free to pick up several copies and pass them onto your family and friends.

The Women’s Journal™ — It should be included in your BUSINESS GROWTH PLAN.

The newly launched Women’s Journal website offers even more opportunities for businesses to connect with women in the Central Pennsylvania region and beyond. All of the stories that appear in the paper version of the Journal will appear here on the website in both flip-book version and on the site itself.

The stories on the site are fully searchable by online search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. This provides yet another way for readers of the paper version to read the Journal and enables new readers to be exposed to our content via web search.

We have even taken our “Pink Pages” business directory from the Womens Journal and brought it to our online version. The online version is searchable from within the Journal website as well as the major Internet search engines. It allows businesses to provide a full featured description of their business and services along with links to their website and social networks.

Advertising Contacts

Tere Rill, Publisher:

Mike Johnston, digital edition display ads and digital Pink Pages directory: 570-541-682

Charlene Chambers, Print Pink Pages: 814-883-9104

Marissa Ralston, Sales and marketing: