Audition For Valley Players’ “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”

Setting: A bed-sitting room and section of the gallery of a plantation home in the Mississippi delta Summer 1955 The action is continuous with one intermission This heart-wrenching drama examines the web of deceit holding a wealthy Southern family together … Continue reading

Three Sources of Income

When planning for retirement, it is important to consider all sources of income. There are three sources of income throughout life: Social Capital, Human Capital and Financial Capital. Human Capital is our capacity to create wealth through our human endeavors—namely working for a salary. This is … Continue reading

Benefit Concert for Local High Schools Slated for March

A local non-profit organization named SUN High School Musical Awards has scheduled a concert to be held at Susquehanna University’s Weber Chapel on March 7th of this year. The idea of this concert was formulated 3 years ago by local … Continue reading