Simple Resolutions

Simple Resolutions Simple ResolutionsIt’s 2015 and once again many are asking how  you going to make this year the best yet. Sticking to a New Year’s resolution takes work, just make sure to choose something worth working for!

Here are some ideas for simple resolutions to help get you started:

    • Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators to get daily exercise.
    • Walk or ride your bike more often instead of driving.
    • Schedule “me” time. Disconnect from any electronic devices…and not just while you are sleeping.
    • Don’t use your cell phone during work meetings, social events or dinner.
    • Don’t text and drive (as a matter of fact, don’t use your phone at all while driving).
    • Cook at home more often.
    • Write one handwritten letter a month to someone special.
    • Do something out of your comfort zone.
    • Sign up for a dance or art class.
    • Start running and if you already run, run a little further each time you run.
    • Read one new book each month.
    • Use your credit cards for emergencies only. Only spend with whatever cash you bring with you.
    • Refrain from gossiping and listening to gossip.
    • Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to prepare and eat a good breakfast.
    • Make healthy swaps when you can.
    • Choose organic when possible.
    • Get more vitamin D by taking some time to spend outside. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
    • Stop late-night snacking: your body will take the calories and store them as fat.
    • Floss your teeth more often.
    • Do more of what you enjoy doing.
    • Spend a few hours a week enjoying time with your family.
    • Start recycling by having a designated bin available and educate yourself about what items are recyclable.
    • Grow a simple garden: start with herbs that are easy to grow and maintain.
    • Spend time once a quarter to de-clutter your home. Get rid of anything you don’t use or haven’t worn in a year.
    • Learn something new every day.
    • Start saving for a family vacation today.
    • Designate a family dinner night that everyone must attend.
    • Pick up a new hobby.
    • Make a spa day once every few months – whether it’s pampering at home or booking at a salon.
    • Help others by volunteering.
    • Get organized.
    • Do a safe walk of your house – replace smoke alarm batteries, check locks on windows and doors.
    • For everything negative you say, say two things that are positive.
    • Eat more high quality dark chocolate – it’s loaded with antioxidants.
    • Invite more friends and families over for a monthly gathering.
    • Drink water or green tea instead of coffee to reduce caffeine intake and keep you hydrated.
    • Get on a solid sleep schedule.
    • Bring your lunch from home more often.
    • Identify the things that make you stressed during the day and take action. Create a list of things that are in your control and take small steps to change them.
    • Loosely track your goals. Don’t be too specific on deadlines or set yourself up for failure.
    • Keep a journal to jot down anything that comes to mind, like recipes, memories and ideas.
    • Give someone a compliment once a day, but really mean it.
    • Give yourself more credit. More than likely, there is no one who will master everything on their list. The fact is, you’re trying and nothing is better than that.



Finding A Work Life Balance

work image Finding A Work Life BalanceFor most of us, January often signifies that there’s a whiff of change in the air. Maybe it’s finally committing to a daily workout routine, learning to delegate more or simply spending more time with your loved ones. Whatever your target is, if you don’t learn how to be ruthless with your time and limit distractions you’ll fail to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or professional working 40 or 70 hours per week, there are always competing demands — assignments, conference calls, meetings, emails, etc.– often within the same day or even hour. And when it comes to distractions at work, cell phone use, workplace gossip, and searching the Internet for non-work-related information are the leading culprits that waste your time and energy. Social media surfing, behaviors of co-workers, snack breaks or smoke breaks are also big productivity stoppers in the workplace.

In the midst of it all, how can you get it all done successfully? Here some helpful tips:

  1. Organize and prioritize: De-clutter your workspace and clearly lay out your game plan for the week.
  2. Limit interruptions : Incoming calls and co-workers dropping by to chat about their weekend can break your concentration and eat up time.
  3. Avoid unnecessary meetings: Don’t set aside an hour to meet about an issue or initiative that can be addressed with a quick phone call.
  4. Get personal on your own time: Do it during your lunch hour or break time or after work.
  5. Communicate wisely: Save time by picking up the phone or walking over to your colleague’s desk.
  6. Don’t delay the inevitable: Don’t procrastinate. Dive in and tackle the task at hand.

Audition For Valley Players’ “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”

Setting: A bed-sitting room and section of the gallery of a plantation home in the Mississippi delta

Summer 1955

The action is continuous with one intermission

This heart-wrenching drama examines the web of deceit holding a wealthy Southern family together while threatening to tear them apart. Over the course of one sultry Mississippi night, the characters’ gentility disappears as accusations of greed, sexual desire, and dishonesty, long-repressed, come to the fore. A Pulitzer-winning play, the show forces the audience and characters alike to determine what is truth, what is a lie, and which lies have become the truth.

Margaret(late 20s+) Known as ‘Maggie the cat’. Married to Brick; hard, nervous, bitter, desperate to hang on to Brick, to have his child
Brick (late 20s+) Maggie’s husband. Once an outstanding athlete, but broken. Big Daddy and Big Mama’s youngest and favorite son; self-possessed, self-contained, indifferent, unreachable; depressively withdrawn aided by liquor –the “click”
Mae (30-40) Sometimes called ‘sister woman.’ Gooper’s wife; mean, scheming: a “monster of fertility” in contrast to the childless Maggie
Gooper (38-41) Brick’s older brother. Married to Mae; Occasionally called ‘brother man.’ A lawyer; Big Daddy’s least favorite son; greedy; very jealous of Brick
Big Mama(60-65)  Embarrassingly dedicated to a man who despises her and in denial of that hatred; dotes on Brick
Big Daddy(mid-60s) Brash, vulgar; confronted by his mortality, but believes he has defeated death; wants Brick to finally face his own demons
Reverend Tooker (45+) The family’s parish pastor; tactless, opportunistic, hypocritical—represents the lie of conventional morality
Doc Baugh (45+) The somber family doctor who delivers Big Daddy’s diagnosis to the family

***I am going to be very flexible with casting in regard to the ages of actors for “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.” The ages I have listed come from other groups who have produced the show. I consider those numbers as starting points. ***

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Self-Esteem: Feeling Good From The Inside Out

Eckroth Melissa 7588 214x300 Self Esteem: Feeling Good From The Inside OutHave you ever stopped to think about how much time and money you spend on your outward appearance?  From personal care products, skin care, make-up to the different sets of wardrobes you need to meet societies expectations; work clothes, casual clothes, church clothes…

Take a moment to reflect on the importance of the external rituals of your everyday routines.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to stop taking a shower and go all natural with your look.  Instead, I’m suggesting that you take a peek at your heart and examine what makes you who you are on the “inside.”

I wonder how often you focus on your “good” qualities.  When someone asks you to list your strengths and weaknesses, is it usually a lot easier to come up with the negative list?  I remember reading Jon Kabit-Zinn’s book years ago, Whereever You Go, There You Are.  What a profound title with such a simple truth.  You see, how you perceive yourself isn’t necessarily how others perceive you.

On the outside you may appear like you really have it all together while on the inside you really feel empty and lost.  Making changes to your outward appearance doesn’t necessarily have a long-term impact on how you feel about yourself on the inside.  The good news is you do have the power and a choice to make internal changes that will leave you feeling as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

Changing the manner in which you talk to yourself (self-talk), associating with positive people and reading books that promote personal growth are great starting points in helping you to increase your self-esteem.  Having positive self-esteem means that you value your worth and as a result the quality of your life increases.  I can’t think of a better investment.

BIO: Melissa Eckroth is a Masters level counselor and offers individual and couples counseling in a comfortable and confidential setting in Richland Township.  She has over 15 years of combined experience in the education and business field.  Melissa successfully integrates her counseling knowledge with life experience to empower individuals to reach their full potential and increase their quality of life.  Contact her today at 814-201-9171 to begin making positive changes in your life.

Philly Native Is Miss Black Pennsylvania 2015

missblackpa2015 300x300 Philly Native Is Miss Black Pennsylvania 2015Kayla Shuler of Philadelphia has been crowned Miss Black Pennsylvania USA 2015.

Shuler studied dance at The Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. She is currently studying Supply Chain Management at the Howard University School of Business in Washington. She will graduate from Howard University in Spring 2016.

Shuler is an active member of the Howard University community. In October 2013, she cofounded BEYOND (Because Everything You Overcame Needs Dance). BEYOND encourages youth to make postive changes in their communities through art. Shuler is also the treasurer and fundraising chair of the Howard University Bisonette Dance Ensemble, a mentor, and a member of the Howard University Philadelphia Club. During the summer of 2014, Shuler interned with Target as an Executive Team Lead-Guest and continues to expand herself professionally.

Shuler will be representing Pennsylvania in the Miss Black USA Pageant in August 2015. The mission of the Miss Black USA Pageant is “to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color and to develop the whole woman – mind, body, and spirit.” Founded in 1986Miss Black USA 2015 300x278 Philly Native Is Miss Black Pennsylvania 2015, the Miss Black USA Pageant has provided winners with scholarship money, international travel opportunities, modeling contracts, and leadership development.

As Miss Black Pennsylvania USA 2015, Shuler has appeared on Hot 107.9 and spoken to teens throughout Philadelphia. On Feb. 13, she is hosting her first event titled Miss Black Pennsylvania USA 2015 Presents: Talent Surrounding Us. The talent show and fundraiser will take place at the Finley Recreation Center at 6 p.m. and will highlight Philadelphia youth ages 7-17. Shuler will be giving away cash prizes to the winners and raising money to compete in the Miss Black USA national  pageant. Interested performers and sponsors can contact Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here

The Miss Black Pennsylvania USA Organization is currently seeking female residents between the ages of 14-27 to compete for the Miss Black Pennsylvania USA and Miss Black Pennsylvania USA Talented Teen 2016 titles. Winners will go on to compete in the Miss Black USA 2016 Pageant.

For information regarding the selection process, application, and sponsorship opportunities contact: Angel Mills Executive Director Miss Black Pennsylvania USA Email:


Twitter: @missblkpausa

Facebook: Miss Black Pennsylvania USA Scholarship Pageant/ Miss Black Pennsylvania USA 2015

Instagram: @missblackpascholarshippageant.

Decluttering Your Home

Declutter your home image Decluttering Your HomeDeclutter your house or your house is always on the resolution list for each year. Learning to declutter is simpler than you think. Whether it’s due to poor habits, a packrat spouse, or sheer laziness, anyone can overcome the “declutter obstacles” and win the battle!

Let’s get started:

Zero in on one small, solvable clutter problem. Clear one counter, declutter one shelf, or bring order to a single drawer.

Beginning your war against clutter with a small success provides welcome motivation for the long haul.

Just as clutter arises gradually, over time, so it must be fought gradually and over time. Beating clutter requires building new habits, applying new organizational methods, and creating new household routines. The clutter cure takes time, and can’t be short-cut.

A successful attack on clutter requires time, energy and motivation. Schedule time to declutter. Even 15 minutes a day will make a good start. As this becomes routine, schedule larger blocks of time for maximum declutter efficiency.

By committing time to decluttering, you strengthen motivation and embrace the goal of a clutter-free home.

In family settings, clutter accumulates for myriad reasons. Poor housekeeping routines land clean clothing in piles on the couch, paperwork in stacks on the counter and mail in jumbled heaps everywhere.

Tempting as it is to call a family meeting and lay down the clutter law, build credibility, knowledge and motivation by mastering your own clutter challenges first, then involve the remainder of the family.

By walking the walk before you ask others to join you, you’ll become familiar with the process of change you’re asking them to undertake–and be better able to help the whole family move forward toward better organization.

These may seem like basic tips, but if you are like a majority of us, it will help you during this new year giving you a new outlook on your home and life!



Stop Badmouthing Your Ex

lance t marshall image Stop Badmouthing Your ExSure, he’s a jerk, and he is making your life miserable, but badmouthing your ex will only cause problems and no good can come from it.

If you have children, and your children hear you badmouthing your ex, remember that what they hear is you badmouthing their father. Just because you know him as a jerk, your children see him as “dad.” And while you may think that your ex can do no good, be aware that your children will make their own judgments about who is “right” and who is “wrong.”

Maybe you once loved this man. Maybe you saw him as nothing more than a short term fling. Whatever the case is, when you have children, you are married to this man for the rest of your life. He will always be dad: at graduation ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, and the birth of grandchildren. You found a way to make a baby together, now you must find a way to raise a baby together. You must always be on the same page as it relates to meal times, disciplinary matters, expectations regarding school and homework, etc., etc.

Badmouthing also ultimately hurts you. One of the factors a court in Pennsylvania is to consider is “the attempts of a parent to turn the child against the other parent.” If a court weighs this factor against you, you may very well lose primary physical custody of your children.

Finally, just know that if he is badmouthing you, then something is probably going wrong in his life. It is very natural for a person to want to tear down someone else in order for themselves to feel better. If he sees that you are not badmouthing him, then that will bother him more since you are getting on with your life and his words carry no power or meaning over you like they once did. If you know there is going to be a situation in which you will not be able to help yourself, than avoid that situation, or learn to deal with it positively. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

lance t marshall ad Stop Badmouthing Your Ex

Three Sources of Income

judy loy image Three Sources of IncomeWhen planning for retirement, it is important to consider all sources of income. There are three sources of income throughout life: Social Capital, Human Capital and Financial Capital. Human Capital is our capacity to create wealth through our human endeavors—namely working for a salary. This is used primarily in our working years but many retirees choose to work for extra income, social interaction and a feeling of being involved and useful. Social Capital is typically used by retirees through Social Security, Medicare and other Federal ‘old-age benefits.’ Financial Capital is what we save that creates our Net Worth.

Human Capital can be part of retirement income but our capability and often our desire to work lessens as we age. Sickness many times can take this away from us earlier than expected-either though our ill health or the illness of a loved one that needs our care. Since this is an unknown factor, it is important to plan the other two sources for retirement for maximum impact.

Financial Capital is where a majority of my expertise lies. It is finding the best ways to save, the bestNestlerodeLoy image2 300x176 Three Sources of Income investments to use and the ways to maximize the amount that people save or can pull in retirement. According to a survey by Vanguard in March 2014, the impact of appropriate diversification, pulling wealth from taxable and qualified accounts in the appropriate order and using total return investing can add 3 percentage points a year to investors’ returns and allow them to enjoy their wealth throughout retirement. Therefore, it is important to plan these decisions.

Finally, Social Capital in the form of Social Security tends to be a major source of income in retirement for most participants. However, the more you earn with Human Capital, the less social security will replace. Also, Social Security has three dates that are very important: The age at which you are first eligible (currently 62), your full retirement age and age 70, which is the latest age you would want to claim your benefits. A majority of people are pulling social security at age 62, which can decrease their monthly checks for the rest of their lives. It is very important to try to maximize this benefit given your potential longevity and the lifetime of income it provides. To look at your social security benefits, go to their website at Work with an advisor (many advisors, including myself, have analyzers that will help illustrate social security choices) or take the time
yourself to understand the impact of different claiming ages and strategies.

In planning out the third phase of your life (retirement), it is vital to make conscious decisions in each area of capital. The choice to work two more years, thus saving two more years and delaying social security two years, can sometimes make all the difference to allow for a comfortable retirement.

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Benefit Concert for Local High Schools Slated for March

The Bee GeeZ USA Benefit Concert for Local High Schools Slated for MarchA local non-profit organization named SUN High School Musical Awards has scheduled a concert to be held at Susquehanna University’s Weber Chapel on March 7th of this year.

The idea of this concert was formulated 3 years ago by local entrepreneur and music producer Art Lieberman. Lieberman was the producer for the Courtyard Theater in the Susquehanna Valley Mall. As a former resident of New York City, Lieberman watched funding for drama and music deteriorate in the city high schools in the early 1980s. His career as an entertainer for nearly 50 years, resulted from an appreciation of    courses in drama and music in the high school he attended.

After moving to New Berlin in 2000, Lieberman became a regular attendee at the concerts and drama programs at the high schools in Snyder, Union and Northumberland Counties and fell in love with the quality of the presentations of students and the instruction of the teachers of those programs. But Lieberman noticed that all the programs weren’t equally funded. Some of the school’s budgets for drama and music were severely limited. Still, the efforts of the schools to maintain these programs were consistently good.

When Lieberman’s business started to thrive, he decided to try to assist the schools in generating additional funds to assist these programs. In 2001, he created SUN High School Musical Awards, Inc, a not for profit corporation, to create a program to generate capital. But his timing for the project was wrong, although his idea did receive some major publicity. But, during his early attempt, Lieberman did, however, meet Bob Taylor, who was the dramatic instructor at Muncy High School and, together, they created the Courtyard Theater.

Then in April of 2014, Lieberman heard of a tribute band for the famous Brothers Gibb called The Bee GeeZ USA, and booked them into the theater for a concert in July of last year.

The group caused a sensation, selling out the venue to cheering crowds and the idea of utilizing the group to reactivate the fundraising activity for the high schools was reborn.

The Bee GeeZ USA, continued to gain popularity, selling out the Susquehanna Valley Country ClubBeeGeez at the Courtyard Theater2 Benefit Concert for Local High Schools Slated for March in August and then drawing a crowd of over 600 fans to Hufnagel Park in Lewisburg in the same month.

In early fall, Lieberman contacted Susquehanna University and began negotiations to use the beautiful Weber Chapel auditorium, securing the date of Saturday, March 7th at 7:00 PM as the targeted date and time for the concert. Lieberman had to make sure that the date did not conflict with events the ten local high schools were conducting. The high schools from Milton, Shikellamy, Lewisburg, Mifflinburg, Selinsgrove, Midd West, Line Mountain, Shamokin, Mount Carmel and Warrior Run were the schools he invited to participate.

According to the plans, schools would be sent 100 tickets each to sell and they would keep 50% of all the monies they collected. Participating schools will also receive half of all net funds received from tickets sold over the internet, by the Bee GeeZ, or at the door and also from sponsors. The schools would also each select several students to coordinate sales of tickets and to act as ushers at the concert. At this writing, four of the ten high schools have “opted-in” to the event.

“Why not?”, asks Lieberman. “They have nothing to lose and some extra funds to gain”.

The company has begun to try to elicit sponsors for the event and are already in discussion with several banks and larger businesses who have a major presence in the tri-county area.

All seats will be reserved and tickets for the concert will be $25 in advance and $30 at the door the day of the concert. Tickets will soon be available on the website for the concert, The production office can be contacted at 570-966-0080 for questions about the concert or for those interested in sponsorship possibilities. All contributions, along with tickets themselves, are tax deductible. The e-mail address is All tickets will  be “will call” and can be picked up at the door the day of the concert or purchased in the lobby.

Lieberman is extremely excited about the concert. “At last my vision of trying to raise some additional funding for these valuable programs is about to happen. I have seen reports of what occurs when these programs disappear. The drop-out rates for kids increase dramatically and the benefits of social contacts with other children disappear. It happened in my home town nearly 30 years ago”.

Also excited about the event are members of the singing group. They look forward to bringing a professional quality show to this wonderful venue. They also can’t wait until the final song of the show when kids from the participating schools will be invited to the stage to accept the kudos for helping make the concert possible and to dance to the disco sounds of this tribute group.

DoTerra Oils for Vapor Cigarettes

nicole carnicella image DoTerra Oils for Vapor CigarettesElectronic cigarettes have been around for years, but DoTerra oils have added a whole new twist! Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, relieve your allergy symptoms, or just relax, adding a DoTerra oil to your vapor cigarette can help you to achieve all of these things. Because Doterra oils are of a certified pure grade, they can safely be injested or inhaled. In addition, because Doterra oils are of a therapeutic grade, they have a medicinal and physiologic benefit to the body.

A particular blend of oils known as Slim and Sassy or metabolic blend, naturally and safely curbs cravings. Therefore, when taken in a pill form or placed in a vapor cigarette it will aid in appetite suppression and smoking cessation. The beauty of the vapor cigarette is not only the value of the oil to curb the cravings, but it also helps smokers break the oral habit of having a cigarette. And for you snackers and junk food addicts, a hit on the vapor pen instead of reaching for potato chips will help you lose inches quickly.

Breathe, or respiratory blend is another oil combination often used in vapor cigarettes. Whether it’s cold and flu season, allergy season, or whether you have asthma or COPD, this oil will help improve lung tissue function relieving congestive symptoms.

Finally, Serenity, a calming blend of oils, can help with stress, insomnia, or even with your over active kids who just can’t calm down before bed! The predominant oil in Serenity is lavender, which everyone knows is great for relaxation. Again, the unique aspect of Doterra is the purity of the oils and their therapeutic value. These are effects you will not receive from lavender oil from a holistic store. Although, those oils may smell good and have some aromatic benefits, only Doterra oils have a physiologic effect on the body.

As always at our office, we help educate our patients on overall wellness, as so much of one’s overall health is related to their oral health. However, we also recognize that many of our patients don’t regularly see a primary care doctor, but they do see us every 6 months. Therefore, we take the responsibility of discussing overall health and wellness at every visit very seriously.

Please resolve to focus on YOUR health in 2015, and please allow Carnicella and Associates help you. We enjoy meeting and educating our new patients! As a token of our appreciation for choosing our office in 2015, we are offering half off vapor cigarettes and your choice of a free bottle of slim and sassy or breathe at your first visit!

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