Older Can Be Cool

Studio808hair 195x300 Older Can Be CoolMy wife and I went to Miami for a conference last weekend. I love traveling. There’s nothing like leaving home for an adventure, no matter what the distance or mode of transportation. Getting out of your day-to-day surroundings and common people interactions is a challenge and a great time for reflection.

So there I sat in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport watching the parade of people. The thing that always strikes me is the images that people try to portray and miss. The most striking are the older folks (like myself) who are trying to look young. Usually that doesn’t work.

Awareness of fashion tempered by age is an ideal combination. Europeans seem to most consistently portray that feel of wearing their age and current fashion comfortably. It’s OK to wear contemporary fashion lines as long as they don’t conflict with not so contemporary physical lines. A couple of basic rules to follow are:

• If your hair has thinned, don’t try a spiky or textured hair style.
If you can see daylight through your hair, your style doesn’t work.

• If you don’t have the muscle tone of a 19 year old, don’t wear tight fitting straight-line cloths. Round lines under tight straight lines is not what the designer had in mind.

• If you are losing color in your hair (graying) you are also loosing color in your skin, eyes, teeth, and nails. Going natural or coloring your hair no more than one or two levels lighter or darker works best.

• You should always check your finished look in a full length mirror. If you see a head of hair, a face, and a costume all screaming “look at me”, you need to adjust your look. If you see a head (hair and face not competing for attention) and a costume with contemporary lines that flow with harmony, then you are, in fact cool. Still older (they all know anyway) but certainly cool.

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Spring Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

molly maid image 3 209x300 Spring Cleaning: Tips and TricksDon’t be afraid to come out from under that fuzzy blanket. I know it has been a long winter and you are so used to being warm and comfortable, but you need to get ready for spring. Yes, spring is here and if you want to be ready to get outside and plant those flowers, you will need to start spring cleaning NOW!

Tips; The Basics: Never use a dirty cloth (microfiber is best), start at the top of any room (high dusting), work your way around the room, section by section Top to Bottom but don’t forget the center of the room coffee table, television etc.

Start in the back of the house and move room to room. Remembering to hand wipe baseboards, woodwork, door frames, light switches, windows, window frames. This is spring cleaning not just a quick dust and vacuum.

Tricks: Pick up the phone and call Molly Maid to schedule your free consultation. Meet with us to match your cleaning needs with our services. Your team of “Mollies” arrive ready to work and get the job done. Hire the team for one time cleaning or for on-going. Our teams are all insured and bonded. We bring all supplies and equipment and use environmentally friendly products.

If you decide to tackle the cleaning yourself or have Molly Maid do all or part of the cleaning, you will be closer to enjoying all those outside activities. Happy Spring!

Lois Grose, President and Owner of Molly Maid of Centre, Mifflin and Juniata counties since 1996. Celebrating 18 years!
To schedule your FREE consultation or for more information, call Lois at 814-238-4004 or visit the Molly Maid website at www.mollymaid.com or to purchase Gift Certificates.

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Six Things Every Kids Closet Needs

Jeff Ulmer Closets Plus image Six Things Every Kids Closet Needs

Jeff Ulmer, Owner

Kids are lucky enough to be shorter than adults. This makes it possible for them to utilize their space more efficiently! Instead of one row of hanging rods, like most adult closets, break up hanging rows of clothes into two or three.

This makes it easy for a child to keep dirty clothes organized! Make a game of it from the start, and it can become part of their routine.

These help utilize the extra wall space not covered by rods and shelving. Plus, it’s great book/gym bag storage.

Ok, not junk, but a drawer for pencils, erasers and miscellaneous school supplies is a must-have for every school-aged kid.

Pullout shelves or shoe cubbies make storing children’s shoes easy.

Drawers are much easier to keep organized than Shelves.

When you provide a space for everything, kids are like adults and they will be more apt to put thingsClosets Plus image 2 Six Things Every Kids Closet Needs back in their proper place. Closets Plus will meet with you to discuss how we can optimize your kids closets and help your Spring Cleaning to be a success this year! There is no charge or obligation for us to meet with you and come up with a design for your closets. We take the measurements, discuss options, and email you the design and estimate.

Millions of dollars are spent each year on clothing, yet some people insist on shoving those garments into inadequate closet space. Let Closets Plus show you how to double your closet space with our laminated wood or ventilated wire systems. You can visit us at our showroom at It’s All About Me Boutique in Selinsgrove by appointment at 570-244-7225 or 888-649-2969, on the web at  www.closetspluspa.com or see our latest projects on www.houzz.com.

My husband and I can’t believe what a difference our closet makes. It is a pleasure to walk into a nice neat space. We actually can see the clothes we have (LOL), and really, it is a pleasure to SHOW IT OFF!!! NO MORE EMBARRASSMENT DEALING WITH UNKEMPT CLOSETS. Thank you for making our lives a lot less stressful.” – Yvonne S.

“55 minutes The amount of time an average American spends each day looking for things he/she has but can’t find” – Good Housekeeping

Stop reaching for your favorite pants or shirt only to discover it’s hopelessly wrinkled. Call Closets Plus for a free estimate today. We know you’ll be glad you did!

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What To Do Before Filing a Divorce

lance t marshall law offices What To Do Before Filing a DivorceMy own research tells me that March is the month for divorce filings as the “New Year, New Me” resolutions kick into gear. For those of you seeking an end to your marriage, here are some proactive measures you can take that can help you get your fair share of the assets in the breakup as well as reduce your legal fees:

1) Gather key documents. Once a divorce has been initiated, getting key financial information can become difficult. Gather copies of any documents that verify assets, liabilities, income and expenses. These documents include bank, brokerage and retirement statements, tax returns and property deeds. Copies of bills for the home will be helpful to have if you are leaving the home. Credit card statements as close in time to when you leave are a must have. If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets or debt, keep an eye out for unusual withdrawals from existing accounts and take pictures of envelopes from unknown banks or brokerages (rather than opening them).

2) You will need cash reserves. Stop spending money if you have your own account. If all of your money is commingled and you have no way of opening a checking account without raising red flags, then I suggest opening a credit card with a low or introductory 0% interest rate. This step is important because if you are lucky and you and your spouse can agree, a divorce will take 3-6 months. If you are unlucky, a divorce can take well over 2 years.

Divorce is expensive, so make sure this is something that you want to do. If it is something you want to do, please contact the Law Offices of Lance T. Marshall for an initial consultation at (814) 308-8439 or by e-mail: ltm@statecollegefamilylawyer.com.

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judy loy image ROTH IRA: GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR RETIREMENT PLANThere is much debate on whether a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA is better for investors. Typically, this can be decided by whether you believe your tax rate is higher now or will be higher in retirement, how long until retirement and how aggressively you are investing. I argue that both are advantageous and the capability of saving in both ways can benefit a retiree. Just as you diversify your investments, diversifying your taxes can lead to more options later.

The major advantage of a Traditional IRA is that contributions are tax deductible if you are in a retirement plan and under certain income limits. The investments inside the IRA are tax deferred. However, in retirement, distributions from the IRA are taxed as income. The downside of this is that it can lead to taxation of social security and your distributions from the IRA will typically need to have tax withholding applied.

On the flip side, contributions to a Roth IRA get no special tax treatment. Contributions are limited tonestlerode and Loy image 3 ROTH IRA: GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN taxpayers under a certain income level. Just like the Traditional IRA, assets inside the Roth grow tax deferred. The big advantage comes on the back end, where qualified distributions from a Roth are tax free. Thus, all the growth inside the account is not taxed.

Income levels in retirement become an issue because social security can become taxable over income levels starting at modified adjusted income of $25,001 for singles and $32,001 for married couples filing jointly. Money distributed from a traditional IRA or 401k is treated as income and counts against you in the calculation. A qualified Roth withdrawal does not count as income and thus can be the difference between owing taxes on social security or not.

The widely accepted ‘4%’ withdrawal rate goes farther when you don’t have to withhold Federal Taxes (in Pennsylvania, retirement withdrawals are not state taxed). In addition, for those who wish not to begin pulling money out of retirement, there is no required minimum distribution for a Roth IRA. The money may stay inside the plan even after 70 ½.

My suggestion is to diversify your taxes by at least placing a minimal portion of your annual contributions into a Roth if you are able. For 2014, you have up until April 15, 2015 to make a contribution to an individual Roth IRA account. Many employer plans now have Roth options if you are unable to do an individual Roth IRA due to income restrictions. This small step may require you to pay more taxes now but it may also help you pay less taxes later.



Real Estate: Are You Ready For Spring?

Real estate in this area tends to follow the flow of the seasons, heating up during the spring and summer, then cooling off through the fall and winter. In looking ahead to what may happen in real estate this year it appears that this could be a big year for a variety of reasons. If you are
thinking of doing something with real estate, this should be one of the best opportunities for buyers and sellers in several years. The reasons for my optimism, and that of most professionals in the real estate business, are as follows:

1. Interest rates continue to be at historically low rates, but all indicators are that they will begin to rise in the second half of the year and continue to do so for the foreseeable future. While the increases should not be large, any change will simply mean that it will be more expensive to buy
a property. Smart buyers are going to be looking to act this year, as soon as possible.

2. Sale prices should also climb over time as the demand increases. Currently the inventory of available properties is adequate, but if expectations of demand are right it will be a seller’s market.

3. As the economy has solidified lenders have been able to loosen some of the standards for qualifying buyers, making mortgages available for many people who recently may not have been eligible.

4. There is a sense that there is pent up interest on the part of both buyers and sellers who have not been able to do what they want to do in the past, for a variety of reasons. Many of those reasons are being resolved at both the personal and institutional levels.

All of these reasons point to a very good year for either buying or selling. The question is whether you will be ready to take advantage of the best opportunities. If you are able to act in 2015 you should be making plans and preparations now, with the assistance of your favorite local
Realtor, as well as other appropriate professionals.

Remember that real estate is quite variable, dependent upon location. Even within central Pennsylvania a few miles can make a big difference in the conditions of the market. General tends are nice to get a feel for what might be possible. However, whether you are buying or selling, only
a qualified local Realtor can help you determine exactly what is realistic for you to expect in your market and then plan accordingly.

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Why You Should Consider a Professional Bra Fitting

Jezebels image Why You Should Consider a Professional Bra Fitting

Jess and Patty Stover

Clinton Kelly, host of TLC’s What Not to Wear, knows what many women want and need — a makeover. According to Kelly, the first step is a professional bra fitting. “The bra-fitting is extremely important, because where the bust sits on the body is where the clothes will sit on the body. “With the proper undergarments in place, the women then find an outfit, complete with accessories. Hair and makeup services round out the package. “It’s a crash course in style,” Kelly said.

The truth is that almost 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size- and you may be one of them. Why? Your body changes over time and your fit will change year to year as you lose or gain weight, exercise more or less, and so on. If you are experiencing discomfort, spillage over your cups, too tight or too loose straps, or a gap between your cups, you are most likely wearing the wrong size.

At Jezebel’s Boutique we understand how important proper bra sizing is, and we are dedicated toJezebelsimage2 300x100 Why You Should Consider a Professional Bra Fitting making sure our customers leave in absolute comfort and complete chest support. We carry a full line of bra sizes in cups AA-N and band sizes 28-54. After we know your size we can then bring you bras that will fit your body type and your style. Let us show you what we are capable of as Professional Bra Fitting experts!

Check out our amazing new spring fashions! Colorful skirts, tops, jackets and more—you will love our selection and prices!

Getting married? Or know someone who is? Jezebel’s Boutique has become the place for a full line of bridal accessories. Stop by and check our Bridal Corsets, Bustiers, Strapless Bras, Bridal Garters, Penn State Garters, and Tiaras. We can also special order any “hard to get” items you need for that special day.

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Our Customers LOVE Jezebel’s!
5* Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent —C.U.
5* By far the best experience I’ve ever had buying bras. Top
notch. Thank you ladies so much. –K.U.
5* The people that work here are amazing!! I apparently have
been wearing bras about 5 sizes too small!!! Thank god for them!
Now I have bras that fit me and my back doesn’t hurt as much!
Everybody should get a bra here at least once!!
5* Loooove this place!!!! It’s about time for another visit!! —HW

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Central PA Hometowns: Where Our Hearts Are Clearfield

Clearfield Central PA Hometowns: Where Our Hearts Are ClearfieldClearfields site on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River made it a natural part of Native American paths and trade routes up to the 1600s. The Great Shamokin Path began at what is now Sunbury, continued to Lock Haven, through Chinklacamoose, now the town of Clearfield, and ended in Kittanning. The borough was incorporated in 1840.

The Old Town Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, and included 19 buildingsClearfieldimage2 Central PA Hometowns: Where Our Hearts Are Clearfield in Clearfield, including the court house and Victorian-style dwellings built from 1860 to 1890.

Clearfield County is part of the Pennsylvania Wilds, featuring an abundance of pristine forests, lakes, parks, rivers,and more than 375 species of birds and animals, including the state’s impressive elk herd. There are countless opportunities for outdoor recreation including hunting preserves, game lands, motocross and quad tracks, and plenty of fishing and water sports activities.

There are plenty of destinations and events to keep you busy, including six wineries, the last
covered bridge over the Susquehanna, and the elk visitors’ center.

The Clearfield County Fair is one of the largest and most popular in the state, with big-name and up-and-coming entertainers, hundreds of exhibits, harness racing, a spectacular midway,and plenty of fair food.

Speaking of food. Foodies have heard all about Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, with a huge hamburger menu and even huger burgers, with monster-size burgers to feed a family. One of the last remaining drive-in theatres is also in Clearfield – making for an old fashioned date night or long weekend.

Upcoming events include:

April 11 – Taste of Tri-Counties, at the Clearfield County Fairgrounds, with wineries,
restaurants, samples, specialty sauces and food,

April 26 – 40th Annual Kids Fishing Derby at Parker Dam State Park, 9-11 a.m.

May 9 – 41st annual Fishing Derby in Clearfield at Lower Witmer Park, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Clearfield retains its small-town values while encouraging expansion. The community continues to revitalize and expand its economy, while preserving its history and natural scenery. It was named as one of the top-ten All American Cities in the U.S. in 1966.

Traditions of America Raised $1,200 For Breast Cancer

Liberty Hill Homeowner Karen Hirsch and Coquese Washington Traditions of America Raised $1,200 For Breast Cancer

Left- Karen Hirsch
Right- Coquese Washington

Homeowners at Traditions of America at Liberty Hill, State College’s leading active adult community (http://www.TOALibertyHill.com ), hosted Penn State Lady Lions Coach Coquese Washington at a fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Pink Zone. The Pink Zone and Lady Lions Basketball are a unified force in the fight against breast cancer, and homeowners were happy to join the “home team” in raising money and awareness. The event, held at the Liberty Hill Clubhouse, resulted in a $1,200 donation to the Pink Zone.

“I’m a 22 year breast cancer survivor, so I know there’s life after the diagnosis and hope that survivors can still lead an active life. The Pink Zone basketball game is a healing moment to connect with other survivors—it’s like a sisterhood of women who are moving on with their lives,” said Traditions of America homeowner Karen Hirsch. “It was an honor to host Coach Washington and her players at Liberty Hill to raise awareness and funds for her Pink Zone game and the fight against breast cancer.”

Traditions of America at Liberty Hill residents were encouraged to make a donation upon attending the event, which included a pot luck dinner and pink ribbon cupcake desserts supplied by the community Lifestyle Director. Many came decked out in pink to show their support for the cause. Two tickets to the annual Pink Zone game on March 1st were given away.

“A number of Traditions of America at Liberty Hill community members are breast cancer survivors, so this cause is important to them,” said Lifestyle Director Tracy Lopez. “We also have a strong group of raving Penn State fans, so meeting Coach Washington was a real thrill!”

Washington, the Penn State women’s basketball coach since 2007, told the 75 homeowners gathered “The Lady Lions are grateful for your support of our team, for the whole season and your generous support of the Pink Zone game.”

Traditions of America at Liberty Hill is located at 102 Settlers Way in State College, PA. The active adult living community offers low-maintenance retirement homes for sale and resort-style living, including a national award-winning 10,000 square foot clubhouse. To learn more, visit www.TOALibertyHill.com or call 814-466-9490.

Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log Home

Dozens of non-profit agencies throughout the country have joined forces to provide donations and operation support to build “smart homes” for America’s most severely wounded veterans and their families. Earlier this IMG 4004 300x200 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log Homefall, these efforts lead to a customized “smart” Timberhaven log home for Cpl. J.B. Kerns of Virginia. The purpose of this new custom home is to help increase J.B.’s self-reliance and ease the burdens of care for his families and caregivers. Suppliers from across the country, including Timberhaven Log Homes, combined efforts to provide materials and services for this special project.



IMG 3530 300x200 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log Home20140930 092609 resized 300x168 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log Home

Designing This Custom Timberhaven Log Home

Timberhaven’s drafting staff also stepped up to the plate when it was time to design this one-of-a-kind Kerns 11142014 Page 5 300x231 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log Homehome. In fact, the team worked effortlessly to design a space based on efficiency and functionality, given Cpl. Kerns’ needs. The final plan boasts nearly 3,000 sq. ft. of wide-open space plus 1,490 sq. ft. of outdoor living areas – it adequately accommodates Kerns’ needs and is stunningly beautiful at the same time.

Before finalizing the design, our team found great joy in adding this exterior living space – JB’s back porch and deck. The Mount Airy News reported that when asked to name his favorite part of his Timberhaven log home, without hesitation, Cpl. Kerns mentioned “the back deck just outside the living room.”  This area overlooks the 16-acre parcel the home sits on.

20140930 115102 resized 300x168 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log HomeIMG 3554 300x200 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log Home

The Country says thanks with a Timberhaven Log Home

IMG 3921 300x200 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log Home“We are absolutely honored to support the efforts made by these non-profit organizations” says Joe Folker, principal at Timberhaven Log Homes, “We are sincerely grateful for Cpl. Kerns’ sacrifices and could not be more proud to be included in the housing solutions offered to wounded veterans and their families. It is our hope that J.B. thoroughly enjoys residing in his new Timberhaven log home and that he finds refuge in the tranquility of the space.”


After being wounded in Afghanistan, Cpl. Kerns spent a year recovering and rehabilitating at Walter Reed IMG 3699 300x200 Wounded Vet Honored with Timberhaven Log HomeMedical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The triple amputee was proudly serving the US Marines when he was critically wounded.

Cpl. Kerns, and all past and current members of the Armed Forces, Thank You! Timberhaven Log Homes is honored to support you, and we hope you and your family enjoy an abundance of happiness this holiday season.