How To Live Well with Positive Thinking

By G. White

Staff Writer

positive thinking How To Live Well with Positive ThinkingI am sure that you remember the famous question asked regarding optimism or pessimism – “Is you glass half-empty or half-full?” Your answer reflects your outlook on life and your attitude towards yourself. Your answer can also affect your health.

Positive thinking lets you think the best is going to happen in any situation. Being negative makes you to only think the worst in any situation. But don’t despair, anyone can learn to be positive. To help you, consider some of the many benefits of being positive:

  • increased life span
  • lower rate of depression
  • lower level of stress
  • greater resistance to the common cold
  • better coping skills
  • reduce risk of heart attack

Also, people who are positive often do not smoke or drink in excess…or at all.

Focusing on positive thinking is easy, it just takes a little practice. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • identify areas to change
  • check your attitude throughout the day
  • smile and laugh more often
  • follow a healthy lifestyle
  • hang out with positive people
  • practice positive self-talk

If you tend to be pessimistic, things won’t change overnight. But with daily practice, you can become Miss Sunshine!

Burlesque Comes to Central PA – The Courtyard Theater

burlesque selinsgrove courtyard theater large Burlesque Comes to Central PA   The Courtyard Theater          Selinsgrove – They’ve been called; high art, naughty, glitzy, and reminiscent of the 20′s. But the Boston Babydolls are certainly an award-winning burlesque troop that will appear at the Courtyard Theater in the Susquehanna Valley Mall on Friday night, August 1st. The one-night show called “Madame Burlesque”, features Miss Mina Murray, Betty Blaze, Brigitte Bisioux, Devora Darling and Stella Diamond. The show is hosted by Scratch, who doesn’t take off his clothes, but is a pretty funny guy and does some impressive magic.

, The Improper Bostonian and The Weekly Dig and run the only Burlesque school on New England, called the Boston Academy of Burlesque Education, appropriately abbreviated B.A.B.E..

The troupe has performed all over the US and has shared the stage with legends of the art form such as Angie Pontani, Kitten Deville and the immortal Tempest Storm.

So what brings them to Selinsgrove, PA you may wonder?

“Our theater has been receiving mentions in hundreds of newspapers across the country”, says Art Lieberman, the theater’s producer. “Proof of the pudding is the fact that if you Google ‘The Courtyard Theater plus Selinsgrove’, you’ll see our schedule of shows listed in online newspapers from cities all over the country. We now have started to be approached by all kinds of shows, from the eastern seaboard who are on their way to cities in the Midwest, and who want a stopover engagement for one night and are also willing to perform for rates that we could never afford if we booked them directly. The Boston Babydolls are the cream of that crop.”

How will this risqué show go over in Central PA? Lieberman and his partner Bob Taylor are optimistic that the show will find an audience even here in staid Central PA. So optimistic, in fact that they have already scheduled another burlesque event called Billtown Burlesque on October 17th and 18th, under the direction of Isaac Conner, a veteran of several plays at the Courtyard Theater. Strangely enough, early ticket orders for the burlesque show seem to be coming from older women rather than men.

Madame Burlesque is rated PG-17, of course, and is not for the purists in our area. But The Boston Babydolls are a sensation in the “very proper” Boston area and they are like a time-machine ride to a prohibition-era party, except the police and religious fanatics won’t bother you if you attend and neither will the management of the Susquehanna Valley Mall who are well aware of the show’s content.

The performance of the show will begin at 8:00 PM on Friday, August 1st, rather than the 7:00 PM start time of other shows at the Courtyard.

Tickets are available on the theater’s website at, by phone at the box office at 570-374-0060 from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM weekdays and at the theater itself, 3 hours before any show.

Mention The Women’s Journal For $2 Off Your Ticket!

* * *

Tickets are available for “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”, the play which will be held this Saturday, performed by the students of the Young Person’s Dramatic Academy, the theater’s summer camp. The tickets are only $5.00 for the play which will begin at 7:00 PM. The tickets are only available in advance by phone at 570-374-0060 by credit card and the tickets can be found at the will call window at the theater, OR at 6:15 to 6:45 PM at the theater. The production is sponsored by Garfield’s Restaurant and Subway at the mall, both of whom offer discounted meals prior to and after the performance.


courtyard theater ad Burlesque Comes to Central PA   The Courtyard Theater

Diabetes and Depression: How The Right Diet Can Help

headshot Diabetes and Depression: How The Right Diet Can Help

Christina Major

There is a strong link to sugar for both diabetes and depression. Both are influenced by serotonin, a hormone of great interest because of its ability to determine depression.

When we eat sugar, our bodies produce insulin, a hormone. This is not an isolated mechanism, however. The carbs also stimulate the body to produce serotonin. More complex: the insulin increases the body’s ability to move proteins away from a particular receptor that reads for tryptophan, which is the precursor and controller of serotonin. Basically, sugar clears the path for tryptophan to enter the brain.

So, that would be good, right? A high carb diet would make people feel better.

The only problem is that Type 2 Diabetics have the highest rate of depression and the lowest rate of serotonin production of all diseases.

A high carb diet doesn’t actually make people feel better.

Here’s why:

  • Insulin is a short acting hormone
  • When insulin production slows, we demand more sugars
  • This stimulates more insulin production

o This is the sugar highs and lows diabetics go through

o It causes high A1C levels

o It causes high blood glucose levels

o It destroys the pancreas

o It causes insulin resistance

o It causes neuropathy

  • Slowly, the body becomes dependent on sugar for serotonin production, abandoning other natural stimulants
  • As the body becomes insulin resistant, tryptophan can’t get to it’s receptor

o This is the start of depression

Many psychologists and  It’s called a low carb, natural foods diet.

This diet works because of the increased availability of tryptophan in the diet and a steady amount of insulin in the blood.

In low carb eating, the body is able to slow the absorption of sugars and release of insulin, thus extending the time in which insulin remains in the blood. The diet is richer in foods containing tryptophan, because it is a natural diet, not because it contains more meat. In fact, in proper low-carb diets, there is a reduction in the amount of meat eaten at any one point, and a total reduction of meats. The quality is vastly improved, and we require less to meet our needs. In proper low carb plans, bacon, deli meats, and ham are banned because they are low quality foods.

As the body adjusts to the lower amounts of sugars on a daily basis, the body begins to behave more naturally. The insulin works slower, and time allows more tryptophan to be exposed to the receptors. Where there is more tryptophan, there is more serotonin production.

People on proper low-carb diets are happier and healthier. A person should work with a nutritionist who is experienced with low-carb diets before attempting them.

Christina Major, The Health Recovery Expert, helps people recover from Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure. Many of her clients report feeling happier and several have completely become free of medications for depression. Call 570-975-1615 or go to for more info.

crystal holistic ad Diabetes and Depression: How The Right Diet Can Help


Are You Talking to Your Daughters About Women’s Health?

Mothers, daughters, granddaughters… You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your care! That’s why you need to think carefully about your choice for a women’s health provider. Libby Meadow, CRNP and Fred Teichman, MD in Sunbury Pa., have been providing compassionate and personalized health care for women in the Central Pennsylvania for over thirty years!

Central Penn Women’s Health Specialties Include:

• Well woman exams from adolescents to “mature” women
• Contraceptive care
• PAP smears, HPV screening
• STD screening, treatment, and follow-up
• Health and wellness counseling
• Pregnancy testing
• Evaluation and treatment of common infections
• Breast cancer screening and problem evaluation
• Problems with menstruation – too much, too little, too
many, too few
• Fertility, Infertility
• Urinary tract problems like incontinence or infections
• Menopause health promotion and problem management
• Screening for general health problems

The American College of Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends girls should receive their first women’s health care visit for health promotion, education and prevention when they are 13-15 years old, or when they become sexually active, whichever comes first. The first visit for young girls may just include a talk and no exam. Your appointment will usually start with a general health check.

. Choose a provider who will take the time to talk to you and more importantly – one who will listen to you.

libby meadow CRNP Are You Talking to Your Daughters About Womens Health?Libby Meadow, CRNP A CRNP is a certified registered nurse practitioner with advanced education and clinical training. CRNPs work closely with physicians, to provide coordinated, comprehensive, quality women’s health care. CRNP’s provide holistic, comprehensive health care to evaluate your health, diagnose reviewing all available health information, manage problems by personalizing your care,
promote your good health by ordering screenings, prescribe preventive therapy, and collaborate with you to enhance your best health

Libby is Certified as a Women’s Health Care nurse practitioner. She is a friendly and caring expert in her field who always listens and is easy to talk to. She is a strong advocate for women’s health and women’s rights. Libby works closely with Dr. Teichman at Central Penn Women’s Health to provide coordinated, comprehensive, quality health care. Call 570-286-0608 today for your appointment ~ We are welcoming new patients!

“No one has treated me as well! I appreciate that you are advocates of my health. I appreciate Libby
and Dr. T so much! It took me a long time to find someone who cared.” ~ Tammy

Join us on facebook or our website:

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Permanent Makeup – Tattoo Removal – Aureole Re-pigmentation

lories beauty salon permanenteyeliner Permanent Makeup   Tattoo Removal   Aureole Re pigmentationWant to Save Time and Money? Permanent makeup pigments are made of Iron Oxide base colorants. These colorants have been used in the cosmetic industry for years and are found in candy, confectionery pills. How is Permanent makeup performed? Sterilized, disposable needles are used to implant desire color or remove color into the dermis layer of the skin. With Permanent Makeup re-enhancements or maintenance may be desired for some people (5-10 years).
Depending on the bodies ability to hold pigment.

Permanent Makeup Removal

Thinking of Removing that Tattoo? EliminInk Tattoo Removal is a unique system utilizing the latest binding technology for safe removal of unwanted tattoos. EliminInk is designed to bond with the original tattoo ink/pigment, and then draw the ink to the surface. DermRenu, a scar inhibitor
which is built into the ElininInk solution (as well as being a stand-alone product that is used as part of the after-care program) is designed to minimize or prevent scarring.

Aureole Re-pigmentation

Consider After Breast Surgery Natural-looking Option? Aureole re-pigmentation is an elective procedure that is the final step for many in breast reconstruction. Today many women choose to have nipple/areola tattooing because it is less invasive than tissue grafting, heals quickly and looks most natural when applied by an expert. Soft tissue can be unpredictable and so the breast mounds and/or scars can be constant reminders of cancer. Clients feel that Areola Tattooing provides the
esthetic “finishing touch” after breast surgery that helps them to focus on “living” giving them a renewed sense of confidence and esteem.

Please contact me today at (814) 339-6823 or email to set up an appointment. Visit my website at:

Prices: Eyeliner $375.00, Eyebrows $375.00,
Lips $500.00 – all include follow up.

lories beauty salon permanent makeup Permanent Makeup   Tattoo Removal   Aureole Re pigmentation

Businesses; Be Found Online And Maximize Your Online Presence

By Michael Johnston
Owner – Street Punk Productions

Michael Johnston head shot street punk productions the womens journal central pa Businesses; Be Found Online And Maximize Your Online Presence If you are a business large or small in today’s world you almost certainly either have a website or, if you do not have a website, you have probably thought about getting one. The web is everywhere. It permeates all of our waking hours at work, at home, on our commute and even on airplanes now.

Surprisingly, according to recent figures supplied by Google, over 50% of businesses still do not have an online presence. Those who do have a website often do not have a site that performs as well as it should. Sure the site may look very pretty but pretty pages don’t mean that traffic to your site or to your business is the automatic result.

The reason is because websites are like cars. Modern cars are very complex and not nearly as easy to work on and maintain in top condition as cars were only a few years ago. Many if not most web designers do not design websites to perform. I see this every day when I look and websites new and old.

To make it even more confusing many of the services that say they will improve your website ranking actually do very little. This tends to give the whole field of search engine optimization a bad name. This is unfortunate because search engine optimization is crucial to success on the web.

Optimizing a website requires many things. Some of these things are called on-site optimization. If you use one of the many free or cheap drag and drop website builders such as Wix or Weebly you may as well just build a new website. That is because most of the on-site optimization that needs to be done is simply not possible on those platforms.

At street punk productions we specialize in making our clients websites into top performers. Whether it is an existing website or a brand new web site we are building we take the time to do things right. We adhere to Google best practices in site optimization. We also craft an ongoing content strategy for our clients. If our clients are not comfortable or able to produce their own content we do it for them on a monthly or per article basis.

Our many happy customers are our best endorsement.

If you have any questions or need some help with your web presence you can reach Mike Johnston at 570-541-6812 or by email at

street punk productions ad 1024x136 Businesses; Be Found Online And Maximize Your Online Presence

Where To Look For Healthy Relationships

by G.White

Staff Writer

Social connections can give us pleasure and influence our long term health. This is just as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet and not indulging in smoking and alcohol. When you have healthy relationships with family and friends, you are happier, have fewer health problems and live longer.

healthy relationships summertime image Where To Look For Healthy Relationships On the flip side, those who lack healthy social connections are often depressed, have increased mortality, premature deaths, or smoke and drink heavily. There is also a greater risk of obesity and physical inactivity.

It’s the summer, get out there and make a few connections that will benefit you in a positive way. Unsure of what to do or where to start, check out the Womens Journal community page, your local paper, or try a few of the suggestions below:

  • Visit an amusement park. Don’t know who to take, just grab at least one friend you know you may be just as an introvert like you and have a blast. Who knows, by the end of the day you may have made more friends.
  • Go to an outdoor concert. You are guaranteed to meet new people at this type of event. There is always someone there who knows the band and is willing to talk or maybe even introduce you after the concert. Or you may sit next to someone who has never been to a summer concert. This is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation.
  • Have a party. Invite people from your neighborhood if you do not have enough friends. Have each family bring something to share. Hand out name tags and let the party get started.
  • Go for a walk. I always meet interesting people when I am out enjoying nature. If we only engage healthy relationships summertime party 300x118 Where To Look For Healthy Relationships for a moment, it helps me break out of my “shy” mold and feel good about meeting more people other places.
  • Check out the local bus companies in our town for summer trips. You are guaranteed to make lasting friends when taking a trip to new places. There may even be a good chance of you joining a group that travels regularly.
  • Join a garden club. This will not only get you outside, but is an opportunity to learn about the plants and flowers in your neck of the woods.
  • Adopt a dog. Owning a god will definitely get you outside. Many friendships/relationships have begun because of dog ownership.
  • Take an outdoor yoga or Tai Chi class. This is a great way to get in tune with you and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Go to a county fair. If nothing else happens, you will see some fun things and eat a lot of food.
  • Just get out there! You will never know who or what is out there waiting for you (not in a frightening way) if you are always in the house. Get out there and make some healthy connections!!

1st Annual Carnicella/Kenlee Weight Loss Challenge

Dr Carnicella 278x300 1st Annual Carnicella/Kenlee Weight Loss Challenge

Nichole Carnicella DMD, MAGD

Don’t miss another day to start slimming down to a new you. In the last edition of the Women’s Journal we talked about weight loss. So many of our readers were excited and intrigued, however, as with most weight loss systems, it can be overwhelming to actually start. It can be scary and daunting to attempt another weight loss program when so many have failed in the past. Therefore, instead of just wishing, or talking about starting to develop a new you, we decided to help you become a new you. That’s why you can’t waste another minute, enter our contest now!!!

We are so excited to announce the first annual weight loss challenge hosted by The Spa at Kenlee and Carnicella and Associates. Of course weight loss goes hand in hand with a wellness spa, not just because we deal directly with weight management via our laser lipo suction, but weight issues play a role with back pain if you are carrying extra weight, and the causes of weight issues such as diets high in acid and sugar play a role with acne and skin conditions. Of course weight loss and dentistry appear to have little in common, but again, dental health and nutritional stability go hand in hand. If we can educate people on better food choices, helping with their weight, then these
improved nutritional choices will have a profound impact on helping patients keep their teeth as well.weight loss challenge examples 163x300 1st Annual Carnicella/Kenlee Weight Loss Challenge

We have an amazing new machine called the Polaris. A poor diet obviously causes tooth decay, but if we can use machines like the Polaris to diagnose small, tiny cavities then we can literally fix them pain free without even needing a shot. Coming to the dentist will be so much easier!! We truly can
eliminate anxiety, pain, and reduce dental costs with this type of equipment. Education on good food
choices, and amazing technology like the Polaris can revolutionize dental experiences. So please if you are coming in for a new dental visit, or to discuss weight management, mention the Polaris and you will receive a free exam with your first visit!!!

So back to weight loss...go to Facebook, and when you like and follow our page, you can submit to us a before photo of the area of your body where you are hoping to lose the most weight (bathing suits are the best clothing option, and your face can be blurred out or not even submitted) We will help you over the course of the next 2 months with workouts, nutritional counseling, cleanses, supplements, and of course laser liposuction at a drastically reduced rate. As your body improves you will need to submit new photos every 2- 3 weeks.

Whichever contestant has the most likes of their photos, will win a free area of lipo along with many other prizes. There will be additional prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, with spa and dental discounts available for all the contestants. Please visit us on Facebook for details, it is never too late to enter to win!!

weight loss kenlee spa 300x99 1st Annual Carnicella/Kenlee Weight Loss Challenge

dr carnicella ad 300x98 1st Annual Carnicella/Kenlee Weight Loss Challenge

Building A Healing Garden At Your Home

By G.White

Staff Writer

How often do we use flowers to celebrate momentous occasions in our lives? Quite often. We see flowers at weddings, on a co-workers desk celebrating a job well done, in hospital rooms celebrating the birth of a baby, the list goes on. Plants, in addition to flowers, are used as well. Just receiving healing garden photo 1 300x225 Building A Healing Garden At Your Homeeither a plant of flowers can perk up your day.

Plants and gardens have been part of the healing process as early as 3000 B.C. The Chinese used herbs for medicinal purposes. The Greeks built a temple for Aesclepius, their god of healing who’s symbol was a serpent on a branch.. And green was a sacred color in ancient Egypt.

In 1879, Philadelphia Friends Hospital psychiatric doctors noticed improvements in their patients after they worked in the hospital gardens. So, if doctors in 1879 noticed the effects plants and flowers had on people, why are some doctors in today’s medical community still using medications to help people with depression, anxiety, mental illness, etc instead of healing gardens?

You don’t need to experience any of the above conditions to benefit from the “healing” powers of gardens. You can have something as simple as a container filled with colorful flowers or herbs to make a difference in your well-being. It doesn’t cost much nor require a great deal of time.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • grow plants you find enjoyable
  • if you can, add a focal point like a fountain, wind chimes
  • if your garden is outdoors, plant flowers that encourage wildlife for the healing energy
  • not good with plants, try a rock zen garden
  • no outdoor space, find a sunny corner in your house and put your garden there

The above are just a few suggestions, just remember, spending time with nature is what heals our body and soul.

Jezebel’s Boutique- Finding The Perfect Fit For Our Customers!

This past June, Jezebel’s Boutique celebrated our 7th Anniversary! Since our initial opening, we have helped thousands of women find the right bra size, and more importantly helped clients discover that a properly fitting bra can not only provide great support, but help them feel better about the way they look!

Many of our customers from when we first opened are still our customers today. We appreciate their jezebels coupon 300x156 Jezebels Boutique  Finding The Perfect Fit For Our Customers!loyalty, and believe it comes from our passionate approach to customer service, and making sure
each customer leaves the store standing taller and feeling better about herself… feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Professional Bra Fitting

At Jezebel’s Boutique we understand how important proper bra sizing is, and we are dedicated
to making sure our customers leave in absolute comfort and complete chest support. We carry
all of the top brands and feature a full line of bra sizes from AA-N
and band sizes from 28 to 50.

 Wedding Plans?

Getting married? Or know someone who is? Jezebel’s Boutique is highly recommended by many of the region’s top Bridal Shoppes, and carries a full line of bridal accessories. Stop by and check our Bachelorette accessories, Bridal Corsets, Bustiers, Strapless Bras, Bridal Garters, blue and white Garters, and Tiaras.

Maternity Bras

Jezebel’s also offers a beautiful and functional collection of maternity and nursing bras forjezebels story image 300x252 Jezebels Boutique  Finding The Perfect Fit For Our Customers!
expecting and new mothers. We take pride in the unique brands that we offer our customers,
helping them fully enjoy pregnancy clothing and nursing newborns, without sacrificing their sense of personal style. Beautiful fabric, delicate lace, and vibrant colors are combined with fabulous fit and comfortable, supportive designs.

Print and clip our coupon for additional savings! Contact us anytime through our website or via email or phone 814-272-7967 . We are always ready to help.