LidsLash Solves One Of Life’s Small Nagging Issues

lidslash image 1 235x300 LidsLash Solves One Of  Life’s Small Nagging IssuesIt took a family ski trip to Utah, a hat wearer doing what comes naturally and a broken pair of favorite sunglasses to solve one of life’s little nagging problems. Do you find yourself wearing a wide variety of hats? Like most men & women, do you instinctively place your eyewear on the brim of your hat when not wearing them? Then, like me you’ve suffered lost sunglasses and broken frames, or squinted through eyewear lenses scratched right in your line of sight as the result of having fallen to the ground.

The idea to create the LidsLash occurred while on a family ski vacation in 2013. I was doing my best imitation of the Walker Family pack mule or yak, lugging my family’s skis, poles, helmets, and gloves across the mid-mountain lodge after lunch on a beautiful blue bird day. Like millions of other men and women, I place my sunglasses on my head (or hat) when I do not need them.

While crossing the great room of the lodge to the exit, I dropped a glove and when I looked down to find it my sunglasses fell off my knit hat and onto the stone floor. Before I could retrieve them, someone accidentally stepped on my expensive shades with their ski boot and destroyed them. My 5 year old son’s response? “Dad, you should find a way to attach your glasses to your hat so they won’t fall off.” Duly noted Kendall…duly noted.

Back in Virginia, I used household items like washer disc magnets, a silicone bracelet, and some lidslash image 2 300x200 LidsLash Solves One Of  Life’s Small Nagging Issuessuper glue to make my first working prototype to hold my glasses on my hat until I needed them. A year later and dozens of prototypes, the 1st production run of LidsLash product launched at the Washington Redskins training camp held in Richmond Virginia as well as on our website (

We’ve received tremendous feedback from hunters and fishermen, golfers, NASCAR race fans, casual sports enthusiasts, beach goers, and even construction and oilfield workers who use the LidsLash to hold their safety glasses to their safety helmets. Additionally, corporations have begun calling eager to brand the LidsLash with their company logo for promotional items and gifts.

With Christmas approaching, more and more women are reaching out to us about what a great stocking stuffer this will be for the hat wearers, both men and women, in their lives. For people who wear hats and instinctively place their eyewear on the brim of their hats, the LidsLash is like Christmas everyday!

For more information on LidsLash please visit our website at, call us at (804) 480-4095 or email us at

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Want a Happy Marriage?

Staff Writer

G. White

happymarriageimage 300x225 Want a Happy Marriage? Want a Happy Marriage? It is easier than you think.

Long-lasting, happy marriages have more than great communication. For starters, most happy couples are nice to their partners. You can obtain this by making small gestures often. The little things matter.

What a happy marriage is based on is deep friendship, knowing each other well, having mutual respect, knowing when it makes sense to try to work out an issue and when it is not solvable.

A long-lasting, happy marriage is about knowing your partner, being supportive, and being nice. Research shows that for every one negative thing you do, there must be five positive things that balance it out. Your marriage has to be heavily in favor of the positives.

Also, stay in touch with their special ways of repairing the relationship. In happy marriages couples naturally do this.

That all it takes. There are other things, but that can wait for another day!

Being the Nice Guy at Work

nice at work image Being the Nice Guy at Work Many people don’t recognize that so much business can be generated from positive deeds and actions. The truth is that no one wants to work in a hostile environment. When people enjoy where they work and feel trusted and appreciated for their efforts, they become more engaged and productive which leads to better job performance.

Business is all about building relationships. The best way to build relationships is to be kind, show interest in and have compassion for the people you work and interact with. When someone is kind and respectful to us our brains produce more oxytocin and dopamine, which helps us relax, feel open to others, and be more sharing and cooperative.

Everyone can reap the positive effects of kindness in the workplace:

  1. Share the credit.
  2. Don’t talk down to others.
  3. Focus on the positive.
  4. Be courteous.

Make the first move and develop a lasting friendship and work relationship with others.


Living Well Nicely

living well nicely image Living Well NicelyDid you know that being nice to others can help them and you as well?

When you were young, your mother and other adults around your were always telling you to be nice to others.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.  After all, we are only human.

But did you realize, being nice to others is good for them and you too?  Recognizing the personal benefits of being nice may motivate you to do it a little more often.

So now you may ask…what does it mean to be nice?

It means being kind, generous, agreeable, pleasant, respectable, friendly, forgiving and tactful.  It means going out of your way to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Being nice also means doing kind acts.  It means volunteering, donating and offering yourself to a cause that you believe to be worthwhile. Nice is such a small word, but it has big implications.

Here are a few ways being nice can affect you:

  1.  Being nice leads people to like you
  2.  Kindness promotes confidence and optimism
  3.  Niceness makes you feel good about yourself
  4.  People will reciprocate in your time of need
  5.  Doing good deeds adds meaning and significance to your life
  6.  Being a volunteer can help you discover hidden talents
  7.  Being a do-gooder relieves stress and guilt
  8.  Helping others will make you feel thankful and advantaged
  9.  Being nice fosters a greater sense of family and community
  10.  Engaging in generous acts distracts you from your own troubles


Go be nice and you’ll experience many positive benefits! I challenge you!!!


Grant and Awards Announced By Centre Foundation At Dinner

Book Benches of Centre County 300x200 Grant and Awards Announced By Centre Foundation At DinnerState College, PA – It has been a watershed year of impact for Centre Foundation and its partners. Over 170 community members – those in the non-profit sector and members of the public who support their work -gathered for Centre Foundation’s 2014 Annual Dinner on Friday evening. Annual awards were distributed and an announcement was made public for the first-time, revealing the grant proposal that received the inaugural $100,000 grant through the new, transformational granting program called Centre Inspires.

“Our board voted to distribute this grant to the proposal that found an innovative way to bring diverse groups of the community together – different segments of people from all over Centre County – to collaborate, create, and enjoy art that is representative of the community in which we live,” explained Molly Kunkel, Executive Director at Centre Foundation. “The grant proposal entitled ‘Book Benches of Centre County’ was put forward by the Child Development & Family Council (CDFC) and SPE Federal Credit Union (SPE FCU); we are excited to see this idea come to life in the coming months.”

“The collaboration aspect of Centre Inspires was truly an enjoyable experience,” noted Ann Walker, Executive Administrator at the CDFC. “Everyone going through this process – all 39 of us submitting original proposals -met to discuss partnerships, county-wide ideas, brainstorm together, and make connections that can otherwise be challenging to make on a day-to-day basis behind your desk.”

“We had a lot of fun envisioning where these benches might end up around the County and how their respective areas will choose to decorate them,” said Sue Swain of SPE FCU.

“It’s easy to picture families enjoying a bench at Cold Stream Dam in Philipsburg, or a trout patterned one placed on the bank of Penn’s Creek, or someone reading a book on one in Talleyrand Park,” said Christa Hosterman of SPE FCU.

The $100,000 grant from Centre Foundation will start the project off with 25 fiber-glass benches in the shape of an open book. Similar in idea to Harrisburg’s “Cow Parade” or other animal-themed, large-scale sculptures in various cities, these benches will be the first of their kind in the United States. Benches will be placed throughout the County; each community will design and decorate their bench. Local artist, Elody Gyekis, will help oversee the county-wide project; after a bench decoration theme is chosen by its respective community, an easy to follow, paint-by-numbers process will allow anyone in the community to help bring the bench to life. Afterwards, the benches will be sealed, installed, and are expected to last at least 25 years. Next year, Centre Inspires will focus on Health and Human Services. The granting program will operate on a
six-year cycle and rotate through all of Centre Foundation’s interest areas, which also include Environmental Conservation & Awareness and Education & Life-Long Learning.

Donald Strickler was honored with Centre Foundation’s Oak Tree Award for his unmatched commitment to the Foundation. As an avid bridge player, he constructed a building for his bridge club to use; later, he donated the building to the Foundation. After renovations were completed earlier this year, Centre Foundation moved into the spacious building located at 1377 Ridge Master Drive in State College.

Centre County PAWS was honored with the Kathryn S. Weaver Award. The award is named for an early supporter of the Foundation and is given out to a local organization that is making an impact in the County. PAWS takes in animals, provides needed veterinarian services, and places the animals with foster and forever homes. Their work makes Centre County a more humane place to share with our four-legged friends.

Meagan Tuttle received the Future of the Foundation Award, which is given to next generation leaders in the community. As a planner at the State College Borough, she brings a daily passion to her work and is empowering neighborhoods to think communally, encouraging businesses to think outside the box, and engaging in new transportation thinking that will help prepare our community for the future. She has been a great partner for the Foundation to work with on projects that stretch across the County.

Centre Foundation is committed to helping donors fulfill their philanthropic goals by building and maintaining a permanent collection of endowment funds. The Foundation champions the betterment of Centre County for both present and future generations with trustworthy leadership in shaping effective responses to community issues and opportunities.

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The Courtyard Tells the Mike Agranoff Story

Mike Agranoff close up 300x237 The Courtyard Tells the Mike Agranoff StoryThe Courtyard Theater in the Susquehanna Valley Mall concluded its run of the play, “The Rocky Horror Show” this past weekend to standing ovations from almost every audience that viewed all 6 performances. Certainly, no audience member left the theater after the play’s conclusion until they had a chance to participate with the entire cast in dancing to “The Time Warp”, the signature dance number for the play.

Some audience members were curious when they read in the program about the next attraction at the theater, Mike Agranoff and Gathering Time.

Here’s what it said in the program:

Who the heck is MIKE AGRANOFF?

Funny you should ask!

Mike Agranoff is one of America’s leading humorists, folk singers, and acoustic guitar phenoms. He’s a story-teller in folk music with a glint in his eye. Mike is not so much a “singer-songwriter” as a “singer-song-finder“. He takes humorous, little-known folk songs and adds his own distinctive style. Equally at home in the traditional camps of the folk world, he also is well-acquainted with contemporary folk music.

Who the heck is GATHERING TIME?

This folk-rock group: Hilary Foxsong, Stuart Markus, and Gerry McKeveny are like a “high-energy Peter, Paul, and Mary”. Their head-turning harmony has been described as “getting a whole beehive-full-of-buzz” on the Northeast Regional Folk Scene. John Platt of New York’s WFUV has written that they are “among the finest performers in the New York Metropolitan Area folk scene”…with “harmonies that can charm the birds out of the trees”.

Art Lieberman, the theater’s producer blames the inability of the New York Mets to score runs on how he discovered Agranoff. “I was watching a Met game on TV and they were losing 8-0 in the third inning. I decided the Mets were through for the day so I began channel surfing and, on ‘Homegrown  Concerts’ on PBS, I discovered Mike. He played several extremely funny tunes while demonstrating an uncanny talent, first on an acoustic guitar and later on a concertina. That, combined with the look of a sparkly-eyed loveable curmudgeon, sort of an Andy Rooney kind of character would, I decided, thrill people in our area. I became curious to learn whether or not he would journey to Central PA to perform at our theater.  Not only was he willing but recommended that Gathering Time, the trio of folk singers who were later described to me as ‘Peter, Paul & Mary on steroids’ join him for the two performances. Mike, apparently had worked with them many times in the past. I know our audiences will just love the show”.

 MIKE AGRANOFF together with GATHERING TIME will be appearing at the Courtyard Theater for two nights: Friday & Saturday, October 24th & 25th both at 7:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 570-374-0060,  on the ticket tab on the theater’s Website at or two hours prior to the show at the box office of the theater in the Mall. As usual, tickets are only $15 each.

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Brent Kessler – Central PA Magician

Brent Kessler has been amazing his audiences for well over a decade. By combining his award-brent kessler picture Brent Kessler   Central PA Magicianwinning magic with light-hearted humor, his custom-tailored shows infuse mystery with comedy and never fail to bewilder. As a full-time magician, Brent’s relentlessness to succeed and commitment to his clients has earned him high praise and he is one of today’s most sought after entertainers. His sterling reputation in the corporate hospitality industry as well as private engagements for the area’s most predominant figures has earned him numerous requests for his services.

It’s not easy choosing entertainment for an event. One thing to keep in mind is that not all magicians are the same. If you book entertainment based on price alone you will be disappointed. You want to feel comfortable when inviting an entertainer to your event or party.

Brent Kessler is a full-time professional magician with many years of experience. He has performed all over the country for many well-known clients including, Universal Studios Orlando, FL. Brent doesn’t have a day job. All of his efforts and time are dedicated to bringing professional entertainment to all of his clients.

Performing an average of 25 shows a month. Brent has successfully created and presented programs for many large companies and organizations. He has been awarded Best General Magic by the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States. His experience and proven track record means that you can rest assured that all of Brent’s programs are appropriate, professional, and entertaining.

What sets Brent apart from other magicians? Brent combines his experience in sales training, marketing, and great people skills to create unique presentations that fulfill the needs of the business/family community. If what you seek is professional and quality entertainment then please contact Brent right now.

(570) 677-2664


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What To Expect From A Visit To The Audiologist?

Williamsport Hearing Services1 What To Expect From A Visit To The Audiologist?Effective hearing healthcare is more than just purchasing a set of hearing aids. Comprehensive hearing healthcare includes the following:

• Choosing a hearing healthcare provider.
• A diagnostic hearing evaluation, including pure tone testing, speech understanding testing and a possible middle ear evaluation. Your insurance may require an order or a referral to see the audiologist.
• An explanation of the results.
• A possible referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat physician or a family physician.
• An explanation of different hearing aid styles, features, and levels of technology, along with the
costs involved.
• A discussion about what to expect from your hearing aids.
• A plan for follow up care. Follow-up visits are a crucial part of good hearing care and help ensure that you are hearing as well as possible.
• An explanation of various assistive listening devices (amplified telephones, captioned telephones, TV listening systems…) that are available to help you
hear in special situations.

Dr. Sandra Chamberlin, Au.D., CCC-A is a PA state licensed audiologist with over 20 years of experience. Education: B.S. Marywood College, 1989, M.S. Vanderbilt University,1991, Au.D.
Pennsylvania College of Optometry, 2007

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Fall = Back To School, College Football, Crazy Schedules…

By Lois Grose, President and Owner,
Molly Maid of Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Counties
Celebrating 18 years!

molly maid article image 300x288 Fall = Back To School, College Football, Crazy Schedules...Hard to believe that summer is almost over and school is back in session. Say hello to longer work hours plus soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, football and cooking and cleaning too. Drive thru solves the cooking dilemma and Molly Maid solves your cleaning needs.

Your family and personal time is important. Don’t spend your weekend cleaning. Let the “Mollies” handle it, so you can enjoy your weekend.

Every year, especially during football season, you become very popular with family and friends just because you live in “Happy Valley”… Molly Maid can help you prepare for those out of town guests. We provide bed changing, whole house cleaning or just certain rooms. You can enjoy your company withoutworrying about whether the guest bathroom is clean.
Renting your home for out of town sports fanatics? Call us for a consultation.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, make it yours. Call us today! 814-238-4004

molly maid Fall = Back To School, College Football, Crazy Schedules...

Ammonia-Free Hair Color

ammonia free hair color studio 808 image Ammonia Free Hair ColorAt one time hairdressers had only red and green based permanent hair color to work with. It was a magical time because it would have taken magic to make human-looking hair color from formulas based only on red and green. Color results were flat and monochromatic. What
appeared to be a Crayola crayon effect.

Then came a full range of permanent hair color bases. This made human-looking permanent hair color not only possible but truly easy! However, a problem that still remained. To get permanent hair color to be accepted into the hair shaft required the addition of ammonia in the color formula. Repeated applications of ammonia dries the hair shaft and leaves the hair looking dull and frayed. Ammonia also destroys vital proteins in the hair shaft, which can leave hair looking brittle and lifeless.

Now chemists have banished ammonia from hair color forever. We are blessed with AMMONIA-FREE hair color that leaves hair shimmering and lustrous. Studio 808 features Redkin’s “Chromatics” ammonia-free permanent hair color. Redken’s oil infusion delivery system means zero odor, zero ammonia damage, and one-hundred percent natural looking hair color. Book an appointment with Frank at Studio 808 today for truly dynamic permanent hair color results.

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